Despite rumors (or will I say rumours?) to the contrary, seemingly most of the key disputes between the Yanks and the Brits were not resolved with the Treaty of Paris.

Certain boxing blogs and boards have grown rife with animosity between fans domiciled on both east and west stops of the Atlantic

One does not have to search these sites lengthy before encountering a Brit who views Yanks as obnoxious, pompous Neanderthals who end spewing verbal rubbish just long enough to stuff yet another burger to their fat faces.

And at the very least a couple of Americans see their English competitors as possibly obtuse, insular blokes “hanging on in quiet frustration” because the mighty Floyd when proclaimed, or tavern house miscreants obtaining most of the social graces of John Lydon circa 1977.

The obvious reason behind the vitriol appears to be the perceived disrespect of English boxers shown by some American bloggers and writers. The Americans, for their part, feel the Brits to be also slim in your skin regarding their practitioners, struggling to take actually the least bit of complaint in addition to showing an anti-American attitude in general.

I need to concur that certainly several of those American “writers” appear to occur for the only purpose of trashing English fighters. At once, if the Brits greater understood the lifestyle of American sports fans, they would probably be less inclined to get offense to the more realistic criticisms produced by legitimate American writers.

As quite a long time boxing supporter from America who has just already been confronted with my other English fans durante masse, I was very amazed to locate this “Pull versus Brit” sniping occurring.

I was amazed because in the Claims, among my several buddies and friends, I have however to know just one term of anti-British sentiment. My give to God. I mix my heart. On my grandmother’s grave. Not really a word.

Needless to say, in the domains on fight night where national anthems are now being played and booed, flags are now being waved and tunes are now being sung and shouted down, it is a various story. I’ve gone to fights like this. It is a two-way street. Supporters from both camps often become really vocal and nationalistic.

Of my buddies and friends, over fifty percent were taking for Calzaghe to beat Hopkins and all but one wanted Hatton to mass Mayweather – and he was from Floyd’s hometown. Floyd’s skills are admired in the Claims but his attitude is generally loathed.

The rubbish that is being strewn toward English practitioners by several of those American so named “writers” is just that – complete rubbish. The talentless hacks who write this rubbish are generally identifiable by their inability to line two defined sentences together. They’re perhaps not legitimate writers, editors or spokesmen for American boxing fans. They’re a tiny but irritatingly vocal group who seemingly have nothing greater to complete than rabble rouse within the protection of cyberspace. Unfortunately ignorance and absurdity aren’t limited by nationality, creed or gender.