Although men are more apt to snore, women are just as capable of making this disturbing noise when they sleep. A large percentage of women over thirty five snore and this percentage increases with age. The reason for this increase in women snoring is the changes a woman goes through as she ages. These changes cause loss of muscle tone and increased fat on the body. When muscle tone decreases and fatty tissue increases, the upper airway can become blocked. Breathing causes these tissues to vibrate and cause the snoring sound. Many factors can be the root of the problem and determining what is contributing to snoring is the first step in getting relief. Other sleep problems can exist with snoring and it is important to pay attention in case one of these problems exists.

Hormone changes are one of the biggest causes for snoring and other changes in women. Their body is constantly battling with these hormone changes. Low estrogen levels are a direct contributor to snoring and are the onset of menopause women vibrator. High estrogen levels stimulate the muscles and keep them tighter during sleep. Shorter women are more likely to snore. Being overweight is also a contributor. Women must be more overweight than men for snoring to occur because their air passageway is naturally larger.

Many items that trigger snoring can be easily resolved and here are some tips to help. If you are overweight, make changes in your diet and exercise routine to loose some of the additional pounds. Smoking affects the tissue and the passageway and stopping smoking can eliminate the problem. Alcohol should be eliminated as well. Big meals should not be consumed before bed along with milk and other dairy items. Perform exercises that train you to fall asleep breathing through your nose and not your mouth. Mouth breathing commonly leads to snoring and can be prevented. Sleeping aids relax the muscles more and should be avoided. Changing your sleeping position will often stop the snoring. When none of these methods work, you can turn to over the counter medications like nasal sprays.

Snoring can also be a sign of a sleep disorder or other types of sleep problems. When snoring is very loud and happens nightly, another condition could be causing it. Simple remedies might not work if a sleep disorder exists. Snoring like any other sleep issue may prevent you from getting the correct amount of sleep. It is important for you and any family members to try to minimize the condition whether mild or severe. Try the above remedies and if they do not help, see your doctor. Discuss your symptoms and how snoring is affecting you with the doctor. Women snoring should not be a major concern unless other symptoms are present. Loud snoring and episodes of gasping during the night are reason to be evaluated for apnea and other conditions. Having someone monitor you during sleep can help determine if one of these more serious conditions is affecting your sleep and health.

It’s amazing to think that on 8th March 2011 we shall be celebrating 100 Years of International Women’s Day and, because of the wonderful forward thinking women that started this movement, entrepreneurial opportunities for women in business have never been more abundant than they are right now.

Using feng shui for business, our prosperity is rising as more and more of us are tapping into the amazing energy, freedom and flexibility that this opportunity creates and women are starting their own businesses to bring innovation and expertise to the market at record rates.

But sometimes all of this busyness comes at a cost of extreme multi tasking. We can feel as though we are on an endless business treadmill, one that we can’t seem to get off and while the money can be great, it can also be deeply unfulfilling if our ambition just doesn’t motivate us like it used to. We end up feeling weighed down and overwhelmed and the idea of achieving balance in our lives is but a mere dream.

Feng Shui for women in business can be used as a fantastic tool to help bring back that passion and purpose in your life and your work. Feng Shui helps bring out that meaning and purpose that is already within you, ready to be accessed immediately and applied to your business. You can tap into your spiritual potential and break through any limitations which will allow you to invest every moment you have wisely by doing exactly what you love in every area of your life. When you develop the skills to increase your vibration, you will begin to easily attract financial abundance and you will be in control of your life and your money.

Central to the practice of Feng Shui is balance. Allow it to help you identify those habits and physical distractions that keep you off balance and use Feng Shui in business to attract abundant wealth, health and success. Once you can focus on the big picture your life will run so much easier and bring with it great joy as you are able to pursue your own passions and interests and spend time with your friends and loved ones.

Prosperity will flow to you seamlessly and you are worthy of every blessing the Universe has to offer. I’d love to show you how you can open yourself up to unlimited possibilities.