Email is the most prevalent way we communicate every day. Recently, with the increase use of texting, tweeting, and instant messaging, many people have forgotten how to write a proper email. Multiple researches have been conducted with teenagers’ use of texting and how this affects their grammatical skills GoDaddy email login.

Email is a tool for communication. The intention of this tool is to write properly so that the other party understands and communicates back with a meaningful response. I have seen emails go back and forth over 10 times, because the parties did not understand each other. It causes a lot of frustration, and everyone loses productivity; email is supposed to increase productivity.

There are multiple causes for poor email writing. One of them is the general lack of knowledge about grammar. Basic writing skills need to be enforced and taught. Many people ‘skid’ by their English classes without understanding the basic rules of grammar. Harvard Business Review found that billions of dollars are spent by large companies to educate their workforce on grammar.

Then, there is spelling. Even with the spell checker, misspelled words are typed and unchecked. Until the recent explosion of email, texting, tweeting, etc, to do business, you had to talk to people or meet them face to face. Not a lot of writing was exchanged unless it was a formal letter or a contract written by attorneys. With all the informal use of other media, people are writing much more than ever, and their relaxed or grammatically incorrect writing style causes misunderstanding, frustration, and ultimately, loss of business.