While caterers’ jobs are similar to that of chefs, they also perform additional duties, such as customer relations, marketing and management of accounting books. The features of a good local catering company you want to look for before hiring one include the following:

A good caterer complies with their state’s current food safety laws during the food preparation process. They ensure 到會服務推介 the food is handled and prepared in hygienic conditions and that they practice the correct precautionary measures. A professional catering company is also passionate about cooking and understands that it is all about the food. They acknowledge that when the food is bad, clients won’t hire them again. Caterers have the experience needed to prepare and transport food safely, plan menus and make recipe substitutions to accommodate the people who hired them.

An experienced caterer is able to provide additional services apart from just a delightful menu. These may include providing rentals, such as tents and marquees. By offering extra services, the catering company simplifies work for his clients who would have spent time and money looking for other service providers.

An expert caterer is courteous and diplomatic. One major duty performed by caterers is assisting clients in choosing their menus for the evening. Diplomacy may be required when a catering company has to convince a client to change a dish or to substitute one ingredient in the menu for another. Strong interpersonal communication is crucial to building a great rapport with clients and catering an event successfully. A knowledgeable caterer knows that one happy customer will make many recommendations and therefore, they strive to make all their clients happy.

The ability to pay attention to every aspect of a catering event is another characteristic of a good catering company. At times, caterers may be in charge of the food presentation, table arrangements and décor. The caterer should ensure that the setting up process, event and clearing process are all handled with the utmost care. Good caterers understand that even the guests at the event are potential clients who must be impressed with the services offered.