Streaming otherwise mentioned as media streaming is a method for channelizing data, so that it could be dealt as a firm and continuous stream. The term means the delivery method. Streaming methodologies are becoming intensely important with the development of the cyberspace as many users do not possibly have fast access to transfer huge multimedia files speedily.

With the help of streaming technologies, an application that runs on a personal computer, with the help of a server can display the data before the whole file has been downloaded. For Prostastream streaming to work efficiently, the client browser that obtains the data must efficiently collect the data and forward it as a continuous flow to the application program that works and processes the data into music or pictures.

This probably entails that if the plug-in receives data more rapidly than required, it needs to save the data temporarily in a buffer. On the other hand, if the data is received more slowly than needed, the final presentation that is the sound or the picture will not be tranquil.

Live streaming means taking the video and broadcasting it live over the internet. The whole process needs a video camera for shooting, an encoder to convert the video into a digital form for use in computer, and a video publisher who makes it available for the users. Security of the data is a main concern in this methodology of transferring data. Media stream can be done live or by demand. Live streams send the files directly to the user without saving any data on the hard disk. It is called as true streaming.