Discover What Acidic Foods You Eat Are Making Your Acidic, Sick, Tired And Fat

What are acidic foods? Acidic foods are items that cause a decrease in the body’s pH balance toward the acid state. The pH scale is measured from 0 to 14 with 7 being the median balance between acid and alkaline nature in a given substance. Most of the functions of the human body are designed to run most efficiently with a pH balance of 7.4. When the body dips into acidic territory cancer might form. When it increases in value beyond 7.4 then cancer becomes dormant and might even die.

What Types Of Food Are Acidic?

Acidic foods come in a wide variety. Three common acid offenders are meat, dairy products, and beer. These items can readily increase the acid content of the body and engender both poor health and a ripe breeding ground for cancerous growth in general. While a acid state in the body actually slows cancerous growth it generally does not stop it. Also, it is considered a strong possibility than a body with an alkaline pH level will be unable to generate cancer.

I Thought Protein Was Good For Me!

From a purely nutritional stand point animal protein, dairy products, and other items are very healthy for the individual to eat in proper portions. However, they are acid increasing foods that can change the pH level of the body. If eaten in moderation while utilizing alkaline increasing foods in greater number the pH balance will generally stay at normal levels. Adjust this diet a little further and the risk of developing cancer will either rise or lower depending on the adjustment.

How Dangerous Is A High Acid Diet?

A highly acidic diet is one that is heavy in foods such as animal protein and several other types of condensed calorie products. Without proper portion control several of these foods can cause serious health issues without even considering their acid content. Beyond these factors, a high acid diet lowers the amount of oxygen that can get to cells and causes internal acids, such as lactic acid, to build up within cells. This is generally why cancers grow when other outside factors are not Acidaburn the cause. Asbestos inhalation is a good example for an external cause for cancer that has little to do with food-based acid content, although all cancers seem to need a slightly acidic or balanced body to occur.

Acid based diets will cause waste materials and various free radicals to build up within the body that cause cancer to grow. An alkaline based diet can be used to help clean out these free radicals and increase the oxygen content to the cancerous cells, thus killing them even as the increased blood supply and oxygen invigorate normal healthy tissues.

How Can I Check My pH Balance?

“What are acid foods?” and “How do I check my pH balance?” are fairly common questions. There are items known as ‘acid strips’ or ‘pH strips’ that can be used for this purpose. Generally the individual’s saliva is used as that body fluid is easy to access and performs well in testing for pH balance. A balance that indicates a number below 7.4 means the individual’s body is more acidic than it should be anything above 7.4 means that their body has an alkaline nature higher than the average. 7 is the exact base with anything over 7 being alkaline and anything below 7 being acidic in nature.