As a new parent with a Down syndrome baby, you are probably already aware of the physical and medical challenges associated with the condition. The most noticeable and common challenges are low muscle tone, little motor control, gastrointestinal problems, orthopedic Problems, ear, nose, and throat problems, and eye problems. Caring for your baby – any baby – is quite a challenge. When the baby has Down syndrome and special needs, the tasks become more complicated. Doing baby yoga with your Down syndrome baby can assist in uncomplicating some of these tasks, sooth some of the pain, strengthen the body, heart, and mind which will lead to an uncomplicated independent future 분당스웨디시.

Exercise is critical to children with Down syndrome and the perfect start to their healthy future can start with yoga as a baby. It can break the vicious cycle of low muscle tone leading to inactivity and obesity. Because low muscle tone requires your baby to work harder to move, you need to take an active role in monitoring her movements and motivating her to move around. A certified Baby Yoga Instructor can get you and your baby started on a specialized yoga program that will meet the needs of your baby and promote development. Strengthening muscles, improving coordination, and learning balance all can help tremendously in many areas of development.

Here are a few examples of how certain baby yoga moves can assist with your baby’s physical and medical conditions (these exercises are for babies from 1 month to walking):

A) With low muscle tone your baby doesn’t feel as tightly bundled together as other babies. She feels heavier because she isn’t doing much of the work holding her own arms and legs and lets them dangle more. The following baby yoga movements corresponds to the core of Hatha yoga, which aims to open the hip and knee joints in order to tone the deeper muscles of the body around the base of the spine. This both strengthens and refines the life force in the individual.