Guided meditation truly is a remarkable tool for reducing stress and helping you connect with your inner Myenvoyair login peace and spirituality. While people use guided meditation for everything from healing and clearing anger to managing chronic pain and learning to forgive, we’ll focus here on reducing stress with guided meditation audios.

Meditation takes us to a calm, serene place to eliminate harmful stress from the body. Meditation truly has the ability to restore and heal the mind and body. If you struggle to deal with stress from your daily life and work, you may feel like it’s just impossible to actually let go and relax in meditation. That’s how guided meditation, or guided imagery, helps you discover this inner peace on your own.

While traditional meditation involves stilling your mind and body, guided meditation is about going on a visualized journey. With a guided imagery meditation, a guide directs you through the process to bring you encouragement, peace and other tools for success in your life by talking you through the process in a smoothing voice with imagery to assist you.

You simply listen to your guide and let his or her words and images guide you through the meditation process and let your imagination follow along. In many cases, meditation music is included, or nature sounds, which aid in the relaxation process. As you focus, the regular world will slowly fade away, calming your mind and helping you slip into a state of deep relaxation.

Guided meditation is especially helpful for reducing stress as this journey gives you a temporary escape from your daily worries and recharges your mind and body, preparing you for a new day and giving you the inner calm you need to face the world with light and joy.

To get the most benefit from any guided meditation CD you choose, it’s best to go somewhere comfortable where you can sit in peace for 15 minutes. Make sure all distractions like the television and phone are turned off then relax in your favorite chair. It’s best to use headphones while listening to a guided imagery CD so you can focus on the journey, rather than any minor distracting noises in the room. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes before your guide helps you enter that state of relaxation.