Students in elementary school, high school, college and university can all benefit by being aware of their environment preferences. A tutor can provide their students with opportunities to explore various aspects of their environment during their tutoring sessions. The tutor is providing strategies that the student can use on their own, when they are doing homework or studying throughout the week. A tutor can help their student become aware of the environmental influences that they can control, in order to create a better learning settings in their own home.

Sound is part of our environment. The need for quiet, the need for noise or music can be explored during a tutoring session. For example, a tutor can ask their student to read a passage of information while playing Baroque music quietly in the background. Then, the tutor can talk or shuffle papers, move a chair back and forth and create noise while a student is trying to read. Discussing the “sounds” or lack of sound that effects a student’s concentration is part of building learning strategies.

Lighting is part of our environment. A tutor can provide their student with bright lights, sunlight, and low light. By experimenting with different light, the student can learn what works best for them and help them to maximize their learning potential.

Temperature is part of our environment. A tutor can ask their student at the beginning of a session if they are history note warm enough, or if they need to put on a sweater, or turn the heat up or down. A tutor can help their student recognize what makes them feel comfortable, and what makes them feel alert. A room that is too warm may make a student feel sleepy or unable to focus. On the other hand, a room that is too cool may be a distraction for the student. An open window can provide fresh air and help a student concentrate and stay attuned to their studies.

Sitting comfortably in a straight-back chair, with a comfortable seat cushion will ensure proper posture while studying, listening to the tutor and help maintain concentration during the study session. Being uncomfortable while trying to watch, learn or listen will diminish the amount you learn, and length of time you will pay attention.

We are all different, and a tutor can help a student recognize what works best for them. All of these strategies can be integrated into the tutoring session, whether it is for math, science, history or English.