How many times have you been looking through that scattered inbox for something important and not been able to find it? Well, don’t worry, it’s not just you – it happens to everyone GoDaddy email login. Or, it used to. Today, with email being such a huge part of our daily lives, there are solutions available in order to help prevent this. The most common solution to the messy inbox is email search and discovery applications and email archiving. Email archiving stores, searches, and discovers various aspects of multiple user email exchange systems including text and attachments.

Archiving is an automated process that is designed to preserve and protect all incoming and outgoing email messages and content. Archiving systems usually come equipped with filtration systems that filter incoming and outgoing mail by recipient, sender, or subject keywords. Once the filtration has taken place emails are easily accessible through a search of sender, recipient, subject, and or internal keywords. Certain archiving software also archives certain public folders from the associated mailbox or mailboxes.

Email archiving also assists with email data preservation by making sure that emails are not accidentally deleted due to email exchange systems and or human error. They can also make finding specific emails much easier and less timeconsuming with the filtration settings. These email archiving systems usually capture the content of the email at the time of transmission and or receipt.

Email archiving can also assist in legal email discovery. The process of any kind of electronic discovery usually is as follows. The first step is to identify any electronic documents that may be of substantial importance as well as identifying and persons who may be in possession of important information. The second step is preservation, meaning that any important information is placed in legal hold where they cannot be destroyed. Next is collection where all of the data and information is turned over to legal counsel.