Argan oil comes from the nuts of the argan tree which grows only in Morocco (a region located in Africa). It has become highly sought after, and is being used as a beauty skincare product. Triple extra virgin argan oil is very rich in phenols, vitamins and unsaturated essential fatty acids, including linoleic and oleic acids.

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As pointed out, this oil has become an important part of many women’s beauty routine, giving them a lot of benefits that promote organic beauty. Usually, it is used either as an answer for certain skin conditions, or as a purely cosmetic oil for hair, skin and nails. Its softening and moisturizing properties allow women to work with it for a multitude of purposes, between moisturizing skin, strengthening their nails and repairing their hair shaft

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Because it is a moisturizer, it is generally utilized in many cosmetics whose primary purpose is treating your skin, nails or hair, but some women elect to make it a part of their beauty routine by putting it with various other ingredients, like avocado, ginger or in combination with other oils (jojoba oil, organic olive oil, coconut oil). As an illustration, argan oil can both moisturize your skin and repair your hair shaft if it is mixed with avocado. The rich composition of vitamin E brings nourishment to your skin cells and hair follicles, giving them softness and shine.

Different Grades of This Moroccan Oil

Sometimes, simply buying argan oil is not enough to get every one of the aforementioned benefits, particularly if the oil went through a lot of processes in order to get that desired consistency. Hence, pure argan oil, especially the triple virgin quality, may be a better choice since the nuts of the argan tree are cold pressed only once. This means that the oil is not processed excessively and so its nutritional values and potency remain intact.

These days, buying virgin, pure organic grade is not difficult since products are marked as such on the label. Using this organic, higher quality is well worth it. Women report that after rubbing in this oil, their skin looked very firm, their hair had more shine and their nails did not have any splits or cracks. In addition, this very high quality organic argan oil might put a stop to certain hair loss and help remove dead skin cells. It may also moisturize the hair shaft while increasing its resistance at the same time. To get its many wonderful benefits, experts advise using extra virgin argan oil every day, in order to provide the hair, skin and nails with steady nourishment.