The leather goods industry is one of the oldest and has made a name for itself throughout the country. There is a tremendous amount of pride that comes with owning an authentic leather goods product. Unfortunately, the economic downturn has been directly related to the dramatic decrease in consumer spending. Many people have decided to cancel their leather goods orders in order to save money. In this tough economy, it is more important than ever to purchase your leather goods from a reputable company.


From coast to coast, this cross section represents the finest small-batch leather goods manufacturers in the country. Ashland Leather Co., located in Ashburn, Virginia, is one of the most established and longest running leather goods manufacturers in the world. All of its handbags, belts, wallets, and accessories are made by Horween Leather (a Chicago based institution). Ashburn Leather Company also makes high quality leather shoes and boots. All of its leather products are handmade by Horween Leather and showcase a minimalistic design influenced by American artisan excellence. Ashburn Leather Company products stand for elegance, class, and durability vi dai da ca sau.

A quality English manufacturer of leather goods, John Lewis is well-known for its work in the leather goods industry. Considered an innovator and a craftsman of leather, Lewis was brought to the United States in 1850 to open his own leather shop in New York City. Today, the leather products produced by John Lewis have a long standing tradition in the leather goods industry. Many top designers utilize the leather produced by John Lewis.

Invented by the monks of Genoa, Croc Handbags are made from a very flexible material created by tanning. Genoa was the first place tanning was utilized because the raw materials were extremely valuable. These tanning processes developed to create the leather goods we know today. This leather goods are often regarded as being of high quality and are often bought as gifts. The demand for croc handbags is continuously increasing.

This tanning process has been employed by many leather goods manufacturers to produce wallets, belts, slippers, and purses. The advantage of using tanning in tanning products is that it gives them an exquisite and classic look. Most leather products are usually made from cowhide leather, but they can also be made from other skins such as bear and snake. Genuine leather wallets are often considered to be the cream of the crop.

Crocs wallets are made from the softest and finest leathers available today. Constructed with a solid brass design, Crocs have proven to be quite popular for several years. These wallets can be worn with anything and are designed to fit any occasion perfectly. One can carry Crocs wallets in casual events or formal affairs, and there will always be a style and look to suit your taste.