For some of the souls here on this earth dimension, we are able to gift Absoulute Love what we perceive as easily to other souls. Spirit says that there are moments in which we perceive we are gifting Absoulute Love but it is in the form of the disguise of conditions, or expectations of how we think other souls should be. This form of gifting is that of conditional love, whereby if the soul acts or is being within how we think they should be within our perception, then we gift that soul love. If they are being something other than what we deem in our perception that they are “supposed to” be, then we attempt to provide the illusion of “withholding” our love.

For the souls whom have remembered, embraced, and treasured this Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Absoulute Love, then this Absoulute Love is an constant flowing resonance that they choose to BE in, a way of BEing, a way of LIFE. Receiving 催眠治療費用 and giving are One in the co~creative forces of the Universe and of LIFE. It is from this sense of 6ratitude that we are in Ah! Or Awe! with, for, and of LIFE when we are resonating in a resonance of Absoulute Love. When we are within this ambiance of Absoulute Love that it is seamlessly, effortlessly flowing from within our soul to other souls to the Universe and then comes again to us in a continuous circle or cycle of Absoulute Love.

For the souls whom live in the perception of an axiom that Absoulute Love was free from ever being shown to them in their lives here on this earth dimension, these souls choose The Ego Self of the Soul “Rabbit Hole” of choosing the illusion of “withholding” their Absoulute Love. I should know this phenomenon quite well, as I once chose to BE this soul. The illusionary reason that I chose to reside within the illusion of “withholding” gifting Absoulute Love was because I felt that I was unworthy of receiving it, and if I was unworthy of receiving it, then why should anyone else receive it, especially from me. This was what I believed within The Ego Self of the Soul “Rabbit Hole” when I chose to live in the illusion that I was separate, disconnected from every soul, from everything.

As Spirit writes of within the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Choice, there was a moment in my Life Experience here where I ‘decided’ or cut off all possibility of Absoulute Love in my LIFE. As a part of the game of LIFE, I ‘decided’ while resonating within The Ego Self of the Soul “Rabbit Hole”, that I was ‘not good enough or worthy enough’ to receive Absoulute Love. For me, this occurred when I was six earth dimensional years old. When I was six earth dimensional years old, I was a great speller of the earth dimension’s English language and had won the spelling bee at school. I came home with a certificate saying I won and my mother was very proud of me and happy and she said “You should show this to your father when he gets home”.

Now as an adult, spiritually speaking, I recognize in this moment that my father is the type of person that when he comes home, his form of meditation to wind down from what he considers to be a ‘long day at work’ is to sit down in front of the T.V. in his favorite chair, read the mail, and just veg out, as his form of meditation. But as a six year old, whom had been on this earth dimension for such as short amount of what we call as earth dimension time, I was free from knowing and understanding this wisdom, as coming from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is that we are and emanate from, we are free from this concept as all is inclusively One sense of inner wisdom and this is who I was choosing to BE as a six year old having been free from discovering and embracing completely the earth dimensional duality Ego Self of the Soul. So when I came running into the room just after dad had come home that earth dimensional night and was in his chair looking at the mail with his meditative focus on that, and me waving my certificate around, he was free from even ever acknowledging me. It was then and there in that moment that I realized the earth dimensional duality Ego Self of the Soul perceiving itself as separate, that said I was ‘not good enough’ ~ not good enough to receive his Absoulute Love, and therefore, I must not be worthy of receiving any Absoulute Love. From that moment on I set out in my life to “prove” that I was ‘not good enough