The acrylic mirror sheet is a durable material with a reflective surface that is protected by high-quality acrylic polymer paint and finished with a polyurethane top coat. These mirrors have a brighter and sharper image compared to plate glass mirrors. Created using a state-of-the-art precision laser technology, this material is primarily intended for areas such as interior fittings, store design, visual merchandising, and many more. They can also be used for a range of applications in various industries such as the food service industry.

Imported Multicolor Acrylic Mirror Sheet, Thickness: 1mm-3mm, | ID:  8328631773

One of the best characteristics of this type of mirror is that it is one hundred times stronger, lighter and safer than glass. A standard 48″ wide by 96″ length by 1/8″ thick regular plate glass mirror is a lot heavier than the acrylic one acrylic mirror sheet. It is also more fragile and can easily break when incorrectly handled.

An acrylic sheet of the same size can easily and be transported by one person, compared to the regular plate glass type that need two or more persons to handle and carry it. This sheeting material is also very popular because it is more affordable compared to those that are made of glass.

Another good reason why the acrylic mirror sheet is preferred by many industries over ordinary plate glass mirrors is because is shatter-proof. It can be used in areas where safety requires a material that is both shatter-resistant and lightweight. This is why you can see this sheeting material in being used in spots where glass mirrors can become a hazard if impacted. These types of mirrors have impact strength of approximately 17 times greater than that of an ordinary glass having the same sheet thickness. They are also used in areas or objects, such as caravan, boats, and many more, where vibration, as well as flexure, can suddenly occur.

This type of mirror sheet has the same durability as that of a regular acrylic. It also has the same level of resistance to weather and most chemicals, which is why they are suitable for use outdoors. In addition, it has the appearance of real glass, making them perfect solutions for interior fittings, visual merchandising and other store design applications.

Best of all, an acrylic mirror sheet can be easily cut to any size, as well as machined, drilled, embossed and fabricated to produce any imaginable shape. You can never go wrong with the versatility and strength of this acrylic sheet.