When you start to notice the toll that excessive alcohol intake has on your life, you may eventually come to a daunting question: How can I stop drinking alcohol? Though it is not easy to give up a substance that makes you temporarily feel good, the benefits from relieving the strain of alcohol abuse greatly outweigh the struggle. Turn your life around without the use of a doctor by employing tips to help you stop drinking.

Make sure that you are ready to quit drinking by taking an honest assessment of your current situation. You cannot force yourself into giving up alcohol, and you must be emotionally ready before undertaking such an endeavor. Start with an online quiz or simply list the reasons you want to quit to determine your commitment level. Seek motivation to quit drinking through the commitment you make when you realize the toil it causes in your life.

Learn to associate pain with alcohol intake by wearing a rubber band on your wrist to pop every time you get a craving or feel a temptation to drink. Rubber bands easily hide under your long-sleeve shirt, and a band can even look like an accessory with a casual outfit. In the beginning, focus your attention on snapping the band with each craving or automatic response to alcohol, and over time work on visualizing the rubber band instead so that the pain becomes engrained as a long-term association. The rubber band trick is especially helpful at beer parties when people are too busy to notice any snaps.

As you ask yourself, how you can stop drinking alcohol, find a calm way to deal with cravings and the anger of withdrawal through meditation. Create a quiet oasis away from distractions, and simply focus on your breath instead of drinking. Meditation relieves anxiety, stress, and improves symptoms of depression, key factors that lead to alcohol use. Your mental clarity will improve as you delve deeper into the practice, and your cravings will become less frequent and intense as your bad feelings melt away.

Commonly, people who consume alcohol on a regular basis learn to do certain activities while drunk that they cannot do while sober. Quit drinking permanently by removing that crutch, and learn to do activities that you only do while drunk as a sober individual. Take a dance class to feel more confident to dance while sober, or have a friend teach you to play darts at home instead of at a bar. You will quickly gain confidence as you see exactly what you can accomplish without any liquid courage.