If you have seen a reasonable number of spy movies, you should be quite familiar with how they make use of wireless spy cams. Some would have a camera at the tip of a pen, some would have it at their watches of which they would record while pretending to check time or attach them to small trained animals of which they would record it for you.

While all these situations with spy cams, it may seen too fancy or too unrealistic for most of us. While that might be true, the truth is that some people actually use it especially those whose jobs would require them to investigate. spy cam An even better thing for them is that you can have them yourself, just make sure to avoid doing some things with it to prevent you from getting in trouble.

The Rise Of The Spy Camera

The idea of a spy camera might seem to futuristic or high tech but the fact is, the idea is actually quite old as it dates back to 1917 where people would strap cameras to trained pigeons that would constantly click while the pigeon is flying around. A more recent situation wherein people used spy cams was in the 70s wherein KGB spies would wear coats that have cameras on one buttonhole. Because it was quite very complicated to have these cameras installed during that time, people branded the concept of it as such, being futuristic and high tech.

Nowadays, we could just laugh at the idea that spy cameras whose lenses would be the size of buttonholes were once thought to be futuristic. In fact, most of us now would have cameras that were used by spies all over our gadgets most commonly our laptop webcams and some of our phone cameras.

Issues With Spy Cameras

The hidden spy cam might seem to fascinating for most of us, unfortunately not all is available. Some models of spy cameras are exclusively available for those who are into investigation and other related jobs. This is because at times, spy cams would be thought as an invasion to privacy.

Before you use a spy cam, it would be best that you would let the one whom you are “spying” know that you are watching. A good example of this is watching the nanny with a hidden camera while she watches the kids. While you would want to know as a concerned parent how things are doing when you are not there, the nanny would have no idea that you are watching. Even if this is just the work of a responsible parent, it is still an invasion to privacy.

When you want to use hidden cameras in situations, it would help if you discuss with the one whom you are recording the issues. For example, you can tell her that you are just concerned and it would help you a lot if you knew what is going on or other similar things. While spy cameras can help you, you cannot be trigger happy using it as it can also cause you trouble.