In this article we will look at some basic information on the Vivo V 2100E smart phone. It is manufactured by the company named Vivo, a huge player in the smartphone market Vivo V21e. This phone comes pre-loaded with Android OS 3.2 ” Kit Kat” which out-performs the iPhone and many other leading Smartphones running the same OS. The Vivo smartphone is available for an affordable price. So, what are the primary selling points of this phone?

Configuration and Memory The SIM tray of this smartphone has been provided with the internal memory card of the smartphone which supports the standard size of SIM cards available in the market. It also has sufficient room to accommodate 2.5Gigabytes of memory which further makes it perfect for expandable storage requirements. To ensure smooth operation with zero delay, Vivo has equipped the smartphone with an Adreno 619 Graphic Processing Unit (APQ80) and an Octa- cores (2.3 Ghz)processor set up. These two powerful components, along with the large-scaler and high density LCD display of the Vivo v21e, enable this Smartphone to perform flawlessly even under severe resource load.

Camera and Video As always, the compact size of the vivo v21e is suitable for a professional photographer and allows easy recording and playback of high quality video clips. The rear and front cameras of the smartphone are both capable of offering great recording quality at the highest levels. The single camera has a two-tone flash system and also offers a time limit option as well as a digital photo frame.

Video recording has never been easier with the introduction of the vivo v 21E with a built-in Jitterbug Proportional Digital Video Recorder. The built-in camera setup in this Smartphone makes it perfect for action and sports lovers. Moreover, the rear and front cameras of this smartphone have motion detection abilities which allow the user to capture moving scenes with high definition clarity. This gives the user a better sense of protection as well as confidence while he or she is out on a real adventure.

Storage This impressive smartphone features a powerful storage engine based on the Simazine memory architecture. With a memory bandwidth of 1.5GB/min and a generous amount of memory storage, the vivo v 21E allows users to store more than 300 songs and over 50 movies. Users can also download all the apps that they want using Google Play.

Connectivity The rear camera of the vivo v 21E is equipped with an advanced dual-mode Bluetooth that supports data transfer rate of 10MP/hexarete. Other connectivity features include GPS and WiFi capabilities, both of which work extremely well in conjunction with the Otterbox Defender Case. With all these features and a whole lot more, this smartphone from Sony Ericsson is sure to fascinate buyers in the market.