One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a school administrator is obtaining enough money to implement school programs that help your students grow and learn. Even though the government gives you money for operational costs, the sad truth is there is never enough. To make up the shortfall, you must implement a variety of school fundraising ideas throughout the year to generate enough money to keep the lights on, so to speak.

Most school fundraising ideas fall into one of two categories. Either the kids have to go door to door selling products, like candy bars and cakes, or they have to provide a service, like washing cars or putting on a carnival. Either way, that means a lot of planning and work to make sure the school fund raiser produces a good amount of money. While it is great to get kids and parents involved in supporting the school, there has to be an easier way to make money 레플리카.

Luckily there is an easier way. The internet has opened the doors to a new school fund raising idea that is easy to manage yet encourages the maximum amount of participation from students and parents. It’s called an online shopping mall and, with the click of a button, students, parents, faculty members, and even strangers can raise money to fund school programs.

An online shopping mall is similar to a regular mall. Hundreds of major retailers are gathered together on one website offering a convenient shopping portal that can be accessed anytime of the day or night. This creative fundraising idea offers a number of advantages over more traditional fund raising programs.

The primary benefit is that there is nothing for students to sell. No boxes of chocolates to take home. No order forms to keep track of. All parents and other family members need to do is make their every day purchases through the school’s online shopping website. This simple change in shopping habits can net the school up to a 30% commission on each sale made. Parents enjoy all of the benefits of shopping online at their favorite stores and the school makes money with this simple online fundraising program.

Another benefit is your online shopping mall can be a passive source of regular income for the school. Besides talking to parents about using the internet shopping mall to support the school, there really is no active selling involved. Most parents today are web savvy and are already familiar with online shopping. Something as simple as sending a letter to the parent describing this new, hip school fundraising idea, would be enough to send a stream of eager shoppers to your store.