“Rock Star Mommy (or My Life as a Rocker Mom” by Judy Davids is, quick simply a blast for anyone mom who has had a dream. I loved it. Davids tells the story of how she, after age 40, took her childhood dream of being Shirley Partridge and made it into a reality.

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How did she go from devoted soccer mom to rock star-especially when she had never played a guitar-in under 18 months? Through genius level marketing skills and, quite frankly, the love of her family and raw chutzpah, that’s how judi depo gopay.

Putting her PTA newsletter skills, her bakes sale and tee shirt making talents in hand and asking for help from various young local rock stars near her Detroit home, Judy Davids convinced her other mommy friends that “how cool would this be?” if they could pull it off? One of her friends loved to go to local rock concerts with Judy in tow. The others were willing to buy their instruments.

With that and the decision of a great name-The Mydols-a new garage band was formed.

Davids credits her band’s spectacular journey to “my wonderful husband, John Davids, for giving me two incredible sons. My greatest joy is having John beside me watching the boys grow-be it on the playground, the soccer pitch, in church, at school assemblies or in the front row at a Mydols Show”.

The Mydols started at a Memorial Day, 2002 neighborhood gathering. In the beginning, the 4 moms: Judy Davids (guitar), Paige Gilbert (bass), Pat McGough (drums) and Kara Rasmussen (vocals) had a dream. The dream had to be juggled with family obligations, day jobs, teaching themselves to play instruments and marketing themselves.

By giving out free tee shirts and talking as loud as they played it wasn’t long before they found themselves not only on stages with more than their family members cheering them on, but in the national spotlight as well with profiles in both People magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

Davids story is an uplifting fun read. Now I never wanted to be Shirley Partridge, BUT I did want to be the next Barbara Walters-after reading Rock Star Mommy, I’ve picked up some VERY good advice on how I might still make this dream come true.