The IRS has teamed up with nineteen different software companies in order to offer free or low cost tax preparation to the national public. Many people in the United States don’t actually have access to this information and they spend much more than they need to in order to file their taxes. The important thing to remember when browsing for free tax filing is that you must go through the IRS homepage, in order to obtain free tax preparation services. It might be hard to choose from 19 different free tax file options, so here is a quick review of the top three free online tax preparation services out there.

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Let’s start with the most popular free software, Turbo Tax. This free software can be downloaded online easily and quickly from Intuit’s website and it is very easy to use Tax Preparation Services. Unfortunately, Turbo Tax free edition will only allow you to file simple forms like the 1040EZ, but it doesn’t include all tax forms like the deluxe or premier edition which are not free. This free edition will also constantly push you to upgrade to the commercial edition, but if you don’t mind the constant advertisements, this is a great software that will quickly file your federal taxes for free and your state taxes for a low, one time fee.

Another free tax filing option is the popular H&R Block Tax Cut software. This option might actually be better than the Turbo Tax free version because it is actually the premium version which includes all the options of the paid version. The free version does have some restrictions though. The most important one being that the free version is the only available to those who make an adjusted income of less than $52,000 a year. H&R Tax Cut also offers free federal tax filing and a $24.95 state filing. This software is also backed up with professional H&R Block tax associates that you can call to ask questions.

The third option is TaxACT free version. This is the cheapest way to file your taxes. The software is still free if you make an adjusted income less than $52,000 a year and you will be able to file your federal taxes for free and state taxes will cost only 12.95. This software will also constantly remind you to switch to the deluxe version and it is a little slower than the previous two options, but it’s still a great choice.

The ability to file taxes online for free with ease may be a new idea for many people, but the software and support is out there waiting for you to take advantage.