There is a rage among the youth to buy tungsten rings these days. All in all, tungsten jewelry is in high demand clearance tungsten rings. What are the pros and cons of tungsten jewelry is the question many people would like to know.

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If you compare with similar metals like platinum and titanium, tungsten probably has the most advantages. Durable and stronger properties, not requiring time for caring and shiny chic characteristics are some of the properties of the metal ‘Tungsten’. The robustness of tungsten is second only to that of diamonds and hence the rings are quite famous for their physical characteristics. Thus, the rings are starch resistant and are quite strong. As compared to other metals like gold, steel, platinum and titanium, they will not be spoiled by daily activities. You will be able to see them glowing in a year or two, the same way as on the day, you brought them.

Lesser metals would get destroyed by chemical and physical attacks, but not tungsten. Dents to rings are very rare. Thus, the rings are likely to last for decades, which will allow you to appreciate them more. The daily torture would be survived by the ring. There are many couples who use rings due to symbolism. As Tungsten is always likely to weather hardships, couples send out a message that they will always be together through thick and thin.

Though Tungsten rings are very tough and beautiful, they certainly have disadvantages. You must be informed about Tungsten’s disadvantages, so that you would be able to take an informed decision about buying them.

The main con of the tungsten ring is that it is almost impossible to have it sized according to the shape of your finger. This can be attributed to the fact that the metal is extremely strong. Adjusting the size of the ring is a costly affair. Thus, you must know the exact size of your finger, before you purchase a tungsten ring. The other disadvantage is that the rings, which are of low quality, may cause skin reactions. The skin reaction is caused by the fact that metal of cobalt is used as a binder. If you want to buy a tungsten ring, you need to make sure that nickel is used as a binder. You need to check as to which metal is used as a binder with the seller before you buy it.