One of the hot tickets in online business over the last few years has been blogging. Since it became a more widespread mode of communication, corporate giants and small businesses alike have embraced blogging as an effective way of communicating with their customers on a personal level, as well as a way to break company news, discuss potential developments and deliver careful branding messages to interested, qualified potential and existing customers. But is blogging really such an effective technique, and what impact can it have on your online business?

Blogging is strange, in that it’s nothing really earth-shattering technology wise – it’s simply just a different style of writing on a website that’s updated with a content management system The difference is that the blogging concept, that of an online diary, is far more personal and allows readers an insight into the inner workings of the mind of the company concerned. This gives the reader a greater sense of connection, which engages them more with the brand, the people behind the brand and ultimately the products or services on offer.

A great advantage of blogging is that it’s an obvious branding tool, and one that can be used to deliver subtle sales messages in the guise of more well-rounded, useful content. While it’s naturally important to deliver worthy content that readers will find interesting, it’s also more than possible to create the perception of being a credible force within your industry, which can quickly make your business seem like the go-to-guy should any of your readers (or their friends or family) require services you provide.

Blogging is also beneficial from a search engine optimisation point of view. Blogs are constantly crawled by search engines, and informative or controversial blog posts can quickly attract the attention of other bloggers looking for something to say – all of which attributes to your website’s visibility in the search engines, and the total amount of traffic you’ll see ending up at your site. Thus as an add-on to, or even replacement for, commercial fluff on your homepage, blog content really can add value to your business.

When it first hit the big, many thought that blogging was a fad. That now appears to have been proven wrong, and like newspapers, TV or any other media, blogging is extremely influential and highly powerful. By being able to communicate directly, uncensored, your branding and marketing messages, you can have a much more significant and direct marketing channel than advertising, PR or anything else money can buy.

Who else wants to make 2 or even 3 times the amount of sales from your blog that you’re currently converting? If you are anything like the vast majority of people who enjoy our articles and comment on our content, one of the biggest evergreen challenges and obstacles you face is the daunting task of getting more of your readers to buy, right? It’s true…and while many people find getting blog visitors EASY as pie….actually getting them to add anything to your bottom line is truly tough.

Why? Because when people arrive on a blog, especially one where you are selling something like an affiliate product, getting people to click through is often a terribly difficult proposition.

For example, a recent survey of web behavior indicated that on average ONLY about 11% of people actually click on the ads on any web page or blog. Banner blindness has been a phenomena that many of us have struggled with for a long time…and the only real way to overcome that, especially on an affiliate blog, are text links in the blog posts themselves. (which are much more effective…yet a major league pain in the rear end…especially if you are running multiple blogs like most of us do)