There is nothing more exciting than finding the perfect home to move into. For both a first-time buyer and a seasoned homeowner it can be a great time but can be equally as stressful. Current homeowners who are about to move have maybe the heaviest burden of stress as the move is dependent on the sale of their current property as well as all the issues involved in making the new purchase. Keeping the two running smoothly and then actually moving house can prove to be a difficult at times.

It can be easy to become absorbed in the entire house sale and purchase and overlook the small detail of actually moving house. The following is a comprehensive moving house checklist that will help anyone who is about to move home. It is not meant to be the complete list but is a solid foundation to work from and will hopefully trigger other tasks as it is worked through.

Moving House Checklist – Top 35 Tips

1. Council Tax – inform the local council when you are moving and give the new address if in the same area.

2. Electricity – inform current company when completion is due. Contact them or new company on day of moving in.

3. Gas – inform current company when completion is due. Contact them or new company on day of moving in.

4. Water – inform current company when completion is due. Contact them or new company on day of moving in.

5. Mail – consider Royal Mail redirection service to capture all the companies or people who slipped through the net and were not informed of the move.

6. Internet Broadband – inform the current provider the date for stopping service. New broadband service can take a few days to set up, so make arrangements as soon as contracts exchange.

7. Vet – avoid panic when the dog is sick by registering with good practice.

8. Pet Insurance – may be gathering dust, but it still needs updating.

9. Doctor – depending on the area it may be difficult to register with the closest doctor, so do not delay. Look 搬屋公司 for recommendations.

10. Dentist – if you are looking for a NHS dentist then do this straight away as they are like gold dust. You may have to look out of the area.

11. Telephone – give BT time to make the new connection if not taking over the existing number. No telephone no broadband.

12. House Services – if you have a window cleaner, a gardener or service set up then let them know you are moving, and maybe still need them if moving locally.

13. Library – make sure you have returned all your old books.

14. Bank – if you leave this you may have to go through a security process of letters, telephone calls and branch visits.

15. Buildings Insurance – the lender should require a valid insurance policy for the property before completion. But just in case make sure it is in order.

16. Contents Insurance – set in place before you move in readiness for completion day. May give protection to any damages while moving in, as well as possibly being cheaper..

17. Driving Licence – it is an offence not to update address details.

18. Credit Card – without a correct address the statement will not reach you, and the card holder and delivery address will not match on transactions.

19. Television License – be sure you update the address so you can carry on watching television in the new house.

20. Supermarket Loyalty Card – remember the Tesco Clubcard, Nectar Card etc

21. Online Accounts – accounts like eBay, Amazon, Next etc need updating.

22. Shares and Investments – all those filed away shares and investment plans need updating

23. Friends – do not assume everyone knows you have moved.

24. Premium Bonds – contact address needs updating.

25. Car Insurance – a change of address may even get a cheaper premium.

26. School – You may have hunted around for the right location, right school, but do not forget to apply for admittance.

27. Christmas Card List – contact those you get cards from once a year but rarely see – if you want to keep in touch.

28. Life Cover – another document that might be locked away safe somewhere

29. Employer – update your personal details with personnel.

30. Appliance Warranty – if you registered your details with the manufacturer update them.

31. Store Cards – close or update any store cards you have and maybe not used for months.

32. Subscriptions – magazine subscriptions need to be updated or canceled.