Mobile tanning is quickly becoming the preferred way to gain a healthy sun glow without the dangers of the sun’s rays. It also eliminates the need for customers to even leave their homes, hotel rooms or offices – the service comes to you, along with all the equipment and supplies necessary for a convenient and effortless procedure. Mobile tanning, in a seemingly overnight manner, has resulted in many salon owners branching out into the mobile business to better serve their clientele. And for good reason – it’s a rapidly growing sector in the health and beauty market.

The strategy is to bring the tan to the customer. A popular way for sun worshipers to get the most out of their tanning experience is to coordinate a tanning party. Several people gather at a friend’s house, enjoy dinner or hors d’ oeuvres and drinks and await the experience to arrive. Others are incorporating the convenience provided by scheduling their entire wedding parties for a mobile tanning experience.

The costs, of course, will vary and are based on a number of factors, including:

o The number of tanners in attendance (most mobile tanners offer a discount for multiple participants)
o The distance to the tanning party
o Any package pricing offers made available by the mobile tanning company

Not only are these operations fun and convenient, but they are safe and quick, too. Along with those planning weddings, mobile tanning companies are showing up at conventions, corporate events, private parties, the pageant circuit, photo shoots, body building competitions and any other events one can think of.

So How Does it Work?

Quite simply, the process is similar to what you would experience in a salon. Most tanning chambers are compact, anyway, so it makes sense that they would work as mobile equipment. The operator arrives with all the necessary supplies, such as tanning lotions, airbrush guns, and after treatment moisturizers. The benefits include the entire procedure being completed in the privacy of one’s home or hotel room. Many services will even come to your office for even more convenience for the workaholic.

How do I Select the Right Mobile Tanning Service?

You will want to ensure the service can come to where you are, offers the products you prefer (they should include DHA due to its non-streaking properties) and you will also want to ensure a “no gossip clause” or privacy policy is in place. If you are planning a party, be sure the service you choose can handle multiple clients at once. You might also ask others who have taken advantage of mobile tanning services for their feedback and preferences. When you call to set the appointment, be sure to have all of your questions prepared so that you can make an informed decision.