For a long time, magazines used to be the way to get the latest news. This was before the internet became something you see in every home around the world Sherry Dyson. The internet makes it possible to get the latest news in an instant instead of having to wait for the next issue of your magazine subscription to come in the mail.

The internet has already started to cause several magazines to be discontinued. For example, several video game magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly have been canceled because most video game players get their video game news online weeks before the magazine arrives. In addition, there is no need to get any celebrity-gossip magazines as you can get that news in a heartbeat on websites like TMZ.

However, although you do get the information much faster when you use the internet, there are some benefits to having magazines. Magazines are perfect when you need reading material and you cannot access the internet. Such places would be the bathroom, the gym, or a doctors office where you can get bored and will not have a computer at your fingertips. Plus if you get stuck on a plane, having a magazine with you is always something that can keep you occupied for a while.

Although it seems like magazines are becoming a thing of the past, there are still some reasons to have some issues of magazines. However, it is best not to waste too much money on subscriptions as you can find all of the information for free on the internet.