For sometime now, there is speculation in the market, and among the many search engine optimization service providers that Google is about to launch their own SEO services. There are some people who claim that the SEO services would be announced by Google in May of 2010. Of course if there is any truth in this, then it would be really big news for the SEO industry.

Some say that this will surely be the death of all those who are offering search engine optimization and marketing services. Others are not sure about this. They point out that though Google has its own conversion optimizer service, but there are several companies who are offering the same service and they are doing great business too.

This bit of news comes from the report published at Newswire by Serena Shapero. According to the reports, Google has already set up a team of about 100 people who will optimize websites for a fee of $25,000 for 1 month’s work. It was also reported that Google decided to open the SEO division because there were a lot of unethical or Black Hat activities that were being carried out and Google wanted to kill of these activities. So in one stroke Google wants to get rid of all those companies and capture the SEO industry as well 谷歌seo公司.

Of course, if Google opens a SEO company, it can be the only service that can guarantee first page rankings. It would be very easy really. The optimizers would know the algorithms and would just have to follow it to guarantee any ranks.

It Is A Scam – Google Is Not Starting A SEO Company

Now the truth. No, Google is not starting such a company or a division. Actually this was a part of April fool’s joke that the reporter could not understand or opted to ignore to create a sensation. There is no such information in Google’s blog – there would at least have been some marketing done through the blog if such a big venture was about to be launched. There are those who say that if Google ever launches its own SEO company (which is extremely unlikely), then it would at most offer a place or two in the organic listings on sale. Much like Ad Words. And the other places would be open and not for sale.

Why Can’t Google Start A SEO Company

Google can never start a SEO company because this would be completely against the fabric of the Internet. And such a business model can never work. For instance, let us assume that a website has been ranked because of Google’s own optimization work. Now surely, every webmaster and SEO professional would study in great detail what has been done to achieve the results, and once a lot of analysis is done, the algorithm would be understood and it would be public information. So all websites would then follow the same algorithm and very soon there would be utter chaos. For instance, if as many as 500 websites all get 100 points, whether optimized by Google or not, how can it be decided which 10 would get on page 1

Secondly, at $25,000 for 1 month’s work, only big websites can afford to hire these services. But there are a lot of small businesses and home businesses that are receiving traffic and doing business because of their good ranks. Google’s own SEO company would break these businesses too. Google might lose a lot of visitors to Bing and Yahoo because many of these small businesses offer great value.