If you’re wondering what we are talking about when we talk about classified advertising think about the site that defines the term “internet classifieds”. That site is Craig’s List and it is one of the most successful sites on the web today. With an Alexa rank of 26, Craig’s List reaches millions every day in cities around the world and it is completely free to post on. It is particularly effective if you’re marketing a service.

Internet marketing using classified billboards and websites is a technique that will get you results. In addition to Craig’s List there are also a few other major classified sites. Backpage backpage alternatives is fairly popular in the southeastern United States and Kijiji is growing but has still not made its mark in any particular area. Both should bring the kind of direct traffic that you need to get conversions.

So what are the drawbacks to classified advertising? To begin with, Craig’s List does not allow you to post in multiple cities at the same time. They also require a phone verified account to post in the service directory section. This prevents companies from saturating the market but it also keeps Craig’s List ranking where it is. Backpage and Kijiji do allow multiple postings but you tend to get a lot of spam in your inbox. There are posting services that you can use to get around the Craig’s List guidelines but they are generally unreliable and your URL will end up banned if the posting company doesn’t know what they are doing.

There are local classified directories that you can use which will also bring you results. It’s the internet equivalent to leaving a business card on the bulletin board at the Laundromat. If you do a search for “local classifieds” you will find hundreds of sites where you can post descriptions of your products and services along with rates and contact information. The posting process is time consuming but many of these sites offer permanent links in your preferred category.

Once you have seen the results from free classifieds you might want to check out paid classifieds. Backpage is connected to local and city newspapers throughout the country and offers packages that include both print and web classifieds. Using these along with free postings should enhance any well thought out internet marketing plan. Make sure that you ask your marketing company about classified advertising and take advantage of this powerful medium.