According to most SEO software reviews, of all the SEO software available in the market today, Internet Business Promoter or IBP as it is popularly known is leading the pack. It offers all the necessary tools internet marketers and website owners need to attain and maintain high page rankings for their websites and blogs on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and others. It is the multi-awarded search engine optimization & marketing package power suite from a company called Axandra which has been around for some years now and is up to version 11 already. Actually, the Internet Business Promoter software comes in three (3) versions. It offers a Free Trial version which has limited features and will work for a limited period of time only. The second version is the IBP Standard version which costs two hundred and fifty US dollars and will work for up to five domain projects. The third version is the IBP Business version, which costs five hundred US dollars,and is actually being used by web agencies and search engine optimization consultants which is capable of servicing an unlimited number of SEO projects.

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In the past and up to the present, this SEO software has proven itself as the front-runner in search engine optimization tools for making websites and blogs successful. This software power suite boast of some 20 professional website marketing & promotion tools, It includes features such as web directory & search engine submissions, search engine rank checker, link popularity improvement & partner management, inbound link builder, search engine spider simulator, scheduler, project management, advanced keyword researcher, analyzer & generator, and last but not least top 10 webpage optimizer, In fact, it is the only SEO software package that offers a twelve (12) month guarantee of top ten (10) organic or natural page rankings in Google for keywords of your choice or your money back deal. It also creates customizable seo white label dashboard, professional web and word reports for your clients in PDF, HTML and Microsoft Word format with free demonstration. The reports that it gives out are very detailed and analyze the page title, body text, outbound link text, HTML comment tags and more. Likewise, the Internet Business Promoter helps websites get inbound links as well as find partner websites that they can link up with. Also, there are no risks of your sites getting blocked by search engines for link farming since IBP links websites at slow rates.

It can definitely help in effectively optimizing web pages. IBP is a feature-rich SEO software that can efficiently assist you achieve top ten (10) rankings in search engines. Their function modules were designed to work hand-in-hand to get websites on the first pages of most search engines especially Google. Because of its top ten (10) ranking guarantee, automatic report generation, and helpful link building program it has gained the respect and praise of the SEO software industry. However, its weak points are that it may be a little difficult in reading help files while the software program is being used. Likewise, it compares web pages with web pages that are keyword stuffed. As a whole and comparatively speaking it is an amazing SEO software for placing websites on search engines’ first pages.

After reading SEO software reviews and comparing what they say, you’ll find out that just like any other product or service being marketed, the marketing and sales approach varies. There are even reviews with repetitive, re-worded and simply re-constructed sentences that are just redundant to reviews that are nonsensical with incorrectly spun sentences with no coherent thought whatsoever. They all eventually lead to what is expected which is to read as many reviews as possible in order to compare the pros and cons which is basically common sense. However in the SEO software review spectrum, there are excellent ones which are quite objective and genuinely offer detailed specifications on what particular functionality should one look for in deciding which one to purchase.

Unfortunately, but it’s true that there are even squeeze page web sites out there that give out bogus sales-pitch-reviews. So, be cautious in spending your hard-earned money. Authoritative, excellent reviews are the ones normally found on trusted sources such as web magazines, niche websites and blogs, news portals and blogs of authoritative bloggers. Good SEO software reviews analyze and compare SEO software tools and present their advantages and disadvantages so that site owners are able to decide which one to purchase in order to improve their websites’ page rankings by increasing their link popularity and overall presence all throughout the world-wide web. These excellent SEO software reviews advised us on what are some of the important generic tools or features to look for in the latest, quality SEO software and they are as follows:

Page rank tracker. This tool automates checking and monitoring of web page rankings in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, AOL Search, and others and helps website owners or SE optimizers in their SEO strategic planning to increase web page rankings while cutting down on labor hours that could have been incurred if done manually.

Keyword researcher and analyzer. This tool automates checking of niche keywords and key phrases and evaluates their degree of searchability in the world-wide web for use in on page and off page SE optimization such as domain name, meta tags, title tags, heading, article writing and back link building usage while again on saving valuable time.

Search engine submitter. This tool automates submissions to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, AOL Search, and others in order to save on time as compared to manual submissions.

Link builder. This tool again saves time and automates creation of link exchanges and one way back links to websites in order to increase websites’ link popularity or the quantity and quality of incoming links to these websites which is one of the major factors in search engine page ranking algorithms that determine the page ranks of web pages.

HTML validator. This tool saves time as well and automates checking of web designers’ HTML documents if they adhere to the coding standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the international organization responsible for overseeing the management of web protocol standards and how the world-wide web interact.