If you are buying many websites you know that it can be a huge expense. There are some ways that you can save money buying in bulk. Check online auctions to see which domain names are discounted. You can usually find several great sites available for you to purchase. You can usually get these more than half off the regular price.

Check for discount coupons that you can use at check out. Just add the code at the checkout for the purchase and get money taken off. Buy several sites at the same time domain check. Many times you can get a discount if you purchase several names in bulk at at one time. Check with your hosting provider you may have a package that allows you to have free domain names as long as you have the hosting company for your website hosting. Do a search for discount domain names.

This will bring up forums and websites that people are selling their sites. Sometimes you can get them already created and all you have to do is to tweak them to what you want the site to be. These can be more profitable because the domains will be aged and the search engines usually have already indexed them making it easier to get traffic to these sites. With these tips you will never have to pay full price for your next website. You can use these tips over and over saving you money on every domain name purchase that you make in the future.