Buying a good quality juicer is the first step. Using it to maximum effect is the best way to get your dollar’s worth. If you have been recently converted to juicing raw foods to improve your health, you will have studied the art of combining ingredients to produce the most delicious recipes. However, not everyone uses their juicer to full capacity and it can be used for all kinds of food preparation.

You can use a low rpm juicer to make wonderful fresh baby food. Have you ever actually tasted proprietary baby foods; the kind that are sold in jars? They taste absolutely awful! Anyone with a fractious or unhappy baby should first examine the kind of food they are being given before making pointless trips to the doctor. Resolve to give your baby fresh food prepared daily and see the difference. Fresh food for babies can help promote better digestion which means fewer tummy upsets, better bowel function and better gum health.

Do you pay a fortune for minced garlic, ginger and lemon grass? Everybody loves Oriental foods and if you are a keen cook, Thai, Chinese and Japanese recipes that require minced ingredients can take ages. Try mincing in your juicer to produce fresh ingredients that may be jarred and stored in your refrigerator. Take care, however, not to store them for too long kawaii kiddy.

Chilled chili sauce is a fantastic accompaniment for spring rolls and stir fried Oriental dishes but making it fresh requires boiling. However, you can rustle up a superb emergency supply of chili sauce in your juicer with fresh chillies, onion, sugar and garlic. Add a splash of white wine vinegar and allow the juicer to do its work. The chili sauce is wonderful and may be used for barbecues as well as home cooked Chinese and Indian dishes.

Your juicer may also be used to grind coffee beans. Try mixing your beans to make your own special blend. Combine some fresh herbs to make up little pouches for stews and soups; your own ‘bouquet garni’. Try making herb butters and nut butter, and the king of all butters; peanut butter!

Although your juicer will transform the way you live your life in terms of making you healthier and more energetic, it might also transform the way you prepare food. Taking the time to mince and grind your own combinations of herbs, spices and jarred foods will improve the taste of your family meals and save money at the same time.

When shopping for a good quality juicer, remember to source the best you can afford and make sure your juicer carries a guarantee. Many better quality juicers are guaranteed for ten years.

Bear in mind that when experimenting with ingredients, not all herbs are non toxic. Never add ingredients until you have fully researched their effects and how they might be combined safely with other foods. Keep your juicer squeaky clean to avoid harbouring bacteria.