With the rise in popularity of smart phones so there has been a corresponding rise in demand for storage on these phones. With the ability to play music, take photos and video as well as run application, the traditional phone memory has quickly become insufficient.

In fact, for a lot of people the standard 2GB Micro SDHC card that is shipped with most phones isn’t even sufficient for storing the files they want and it isn’t long before they are running out of space and having to choose between songs or videos on their phone sd cards for sale.

The trouble most people have with a card of this size is the sheer size, it makes organizing and find files quite hard, particularly when you have a lot of them on there. If you are going to invest in a high capacity memory card like this then you need to create a system for storing your files.

Definitely create folders for Music, Pictures, Video and so on. This will help you find what you are looking for a lot quicker. Also make sure that you organize your music in to folders based on the album or something similar as it is going to help you find the song you are looking for. However, all isn’t lost as most of the smart phones have some sort of search feature and will help you find your files.

You need to pay attention to backups as well. If your card breaks or your phone is stolen or lost then you could lose all the photo’s you’ve taken and in some cases those are priceless! I’ve carried around an old mobile phone for 3 years because it had photos of my daughters birth on it because it was the only camera I had to hand!

Make sure you take backups of your photos and organise them again. It is too easy to put all your pictures in one folder and then struggle to find anything. A good system of organisation is to create a folder named after the year, then twelve folders underneath it named for each month and then organise your pictures by date within those folders.