For the last couple of years, blogging has been all the rage online. But did you know that a blog is just a type of website that is updated periodically, with the most recent content on the top of the page? There is nothing particularly complicated or technical about a blog. (The term blog is actually short for web-log.)

Blogs have several key advantages over regular websites, when it comes to effectiveness for your business. First, they are very easy to update and add fresh content to, and since Google and other search engines will rank you higher if you have fresh content, using a blog will get you ranked higher! Second, the search engines believe that blogs generally have more interesting, specific, and timely information on a given topic, so they rank them higher for this reason too GoDaddy email login. Blogs also are typically written in conversational tone, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time polishing your content… you can just talk to your audience freely. And finally, there are many great, free blogging platforms out there, meaning that you do not have to spend a bunch of money on web design to have a great online presence!

1. To create a blog for your business, you will first need to register a domain name with a registrar and get hosting for your site. You can do this at a site like

2. Next, choose a free blogging platform like or Blogger. This platform is the framework that your blog will be created on.

3. Now you’ll want to download the files from (there are super easy instructions on how to do this). Then, take these same files and upload them into your hosting account at GoDaddy or wherever you have your site hosted. And, if you get stuck on this, GoDaddy’s staff will help you for free – just give them a call!

4. You can then make any kind of personalized changes that you’d like, including choosing and installing a theme for your blog. For WordPress, there are tons of great looking and free themes out there if you just Google the term “WordPress theme”.

5. To make your first blog post, you want to go to (on WordPress). This will take you to the page called “Dashboard” where you can log in and do anything you want to your blog. On the left, under “Posts”, click on “Add New” and you can enter in a title and content for your first post.

One common mistake that I have noticed a lot lately is that many home based business owners are not taking the time to purchase and forward (I always use forwarding with mask) their company site to a new domain. Now, what do I mean by that?

Here is an example using DUMMY URLs. Your company website could be something like, and you could purchase a domain like and redirect the first one.

Why would this matter? Well there are lots of reasons, but here are just a few. If you were talking to someone, what are the chances that they would remember the first one? Do you even remember yourself all of those numbers and symbols in your URL? If your customers can’t remember where your website is, they can’t buy from you.

Put yourself on the other end of the equation. If you were the customer, which site would you take the most seriously? Again, if the customer feels like you are a true business owner, once they remember your site, then they are more likely to visit.

The last reason that I will share today is that for a price that will in most cases be less than $10.00 per year, you also get 90 sub domains. A sub domain can be used like this: