We all live in the age of sexual disease. 避孕套 There are too many diseases that you can catch without the proper protection. Some may cause you to be slightly uncomfortable and a quick visit to your doctor for a shot will cure it. Others are non-life threatening but radically change your lifestyle as you will take pills for the remainder of your life. All then there are those diseases that are so nasty and deadly that there are no pills you can take that will change your now shortened life span. The final problem that can occur is an unwanted pregnancy. If there was a choice between death and an unwanted pregnancy most people will gladly choose a baby over death. Condoms are one method of preventing the above problems. So how do you choose the condom that is right for you? It will depend on a few key things.

Condoms aren’t just made for men anymore. You can now pick a condom designed specifically for the female anatomy. This was done also as a benefit for guys that really don’t want the plastic feel on their nether region. You can actually pick some of the female and male condoms and try them out. See what feels best for you and your significant other. You might find that you’ve been missing out!

As stated above condoms are the number one choice for sexual protection from disease and unwanted pregnancy besides the pill. You used to be able to choose it with or without spermicidal protection. This is used as an added benefit to help prevent sperm from fertilizing the female egg, but has since been discontinued as the risks may have been higher than the benefit. Now the major choices are non-lubricated or lubricated. You might choose to use your favorite brand of personal lubricant. Many styles and sizes are available.

Pleasure is another reason to choose wisely when purchasing condoms. There are many that are ribbed or designed specifically to provide an extra stimulation component for the other sexual partner. As the act of sex is designed for two people both parties want to make sure that the other is fulfilled. These may cost a little extra but you may find that once you use it you cannot go without it.