My dear readers, though I have commenced my series on As to how to prevent adolescence Suicide in January this year but I am pained to hear that over six teenagers in India have committed suicide alone in last seven days, that is from the day of declarations of results of 10th and 12th Central Board of Secondary Examinations. After all why they should commit suicide is the real question to deal with?

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In my all previous articles, I have deliberated miracle sheet guide on all the facets of stresses, responsibilities of various people parents, teachers and friends including exam-o-mania stress but while analyzing the death of teenagers on 30 May 2007, I find we are still lacking in identifying the true depth of feelings of dejection amongst teenagers after results. In my third series I have identified one of the reasons of irresponsible media who publish inaccurate examination results but there are numerous such factors which cause even an outstanding student to rethinks about his own performances. I have termed these challenges as Environmental Threats and Challenges:

One; Irresponsible and unaccountable Education Department. The first and the foremost factor in make my teenagers commit suicide due to exam-o-mania is the most irresponsible, unaccountable, negligent and narcissistic Educational Department officials generally all over the third world particularly in India and third world countries. The latest expose of evaluation of graduates and post graduates answer sheets by fifth standard people on paltry some of rupees five is an open shameful splotch on such department’s officials. Too hoot to future citizens and students; the country has yet again bestowed over 3000 thousand teachers with various awards. These people who have been appointed through various quota systems, red tapism, favoritism and nepotism lack the basic character of human sympathy and affection. “Teacher community has become so materialistic today; that they have forgotten their social responsibility”. As most of them were incompetent; but have been employed superseding hundreds of competent people, they feel no responsibility towards any one. Moreover, the corruption in these countries has further made such Pillars of National Character (PNC) blood thirsty tigers. They only work after under seeing the table greasing; and remain blind to the file lying over table. During my interaction with large number of educationists, teachers, I have observed the following major problems:

o Unpunctuality. I have observed in past twenty years of my life, rather I would say after late eighties in India, that none of the educational department officials arrive in office in time. Most of them remain out on one or the other pretext till noon, thus, making negligible contribution towards working hours for actual day official jobs. They also waste working hours for nearly an hour everyday before and after scheduled tea and lunch breaks. They never forget break timing but never remember office working hours. Six days a week has further paralyzed already chronically sick and crippled departmental official machinery.

· What you expect from such breed of officials? Under these circumstances these officials never check any result sheet of students but sign blindly like blinds on documents put-up for signatures by subordinates and colleagues who prepare, check and finalize the drafts, thereby, leaving large scope of error, which results in publishing wrong and false results. Any teenager who had high expectations when finds his result below expectation goes into depression, and thus he/she either commits suicide or goes into chronic hopelessness. Rather punishing such teachers, actually, most of these officials are regularly rewarded by the similar types of official as educationists. I leave it to the readers and judiciary of the countries to make such irresponsible official accountable and responsible for even loss of a teenager’s life.

o As most of such officials are promoted superseding numerous competent and efficient through quotas, red tapism or political lineage, they are seldom found competent, thus, further eroding the strong foundation of past and make nations PNC hallow.

o As most these officials; who have never saw a rupees five currency note in their childhood or teens or till they became adult and got the job, they have now begun getting rupees five hundred/thousand rupees notes in bribe. After bribe scandal exposed in Delhi tax department, I have observed that such people stoop morally so low; that they have left every thing to under table transactions, thereby, not only playing with the lives of teenagers but also with the future of a country’s generations and PNC.

Two; Careless, incompetent and corrupt Paper Evaluators. The readers would be surprised to know that a large number of cases have come to light especially in India where illiterate and fifth standard pass unemployed youths have been caught marking and evaluating the answer sheets of under graduates and graduates of Masters of Business Administration or higher degree courses in Meerut. What a shame for such an education systems where the people who are bestowed with numerous awards and honors such as Doctor of Literatures etc, have been found wanting in every field of responsibilities towards my teenagers, society and country. On 30 May 2007, a case of such blatant negligence of evaluation have come to light in Dehradun where miss Srishti Sharma, a class tenth student who has been a brilliant and extraordinary studious students and has never secured less than 90% marks till ninth, was declared failed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh in India.

More over agony of this system is such that these officials ward off their all responsibilities by typing a line beneath all correspondence, that error in result is not their responsibility. If teenage takes a drastic step and does something wrong, who is to be blamed for such lapses. Any how one corrupt protects other or you scratch my back and I Yours is the basic working environment in India and most of the third world countries. Though, there is some accountability Western countries but inept and corrupt judiciary in third world itself has made such people fearless. There is need to bring strong measures against such officials or else India and a few other third world countries are progressing towards a major civil war by mid 2040 AD.