One of the reasons successful business blogging is working for small business is because of many of its direct and in-direct effects. In this series of articles, I’ll be talking about some of these effects and how they occur, including increases in traffic, better search engine results, and the enhancement of online company brands.

First, as you begin to consistently give your prospects information they can use, they return for updates on a regular basis As they begin to see you as an authority on your topic matter, in their minds it seems less of a risk to buy from you as they begin to trust you more, and rightfully so.

The logic is that if you know enough to be able to blog effectively about your subject, then you’re knowledgeable in your field – which means that your product likely addresses a solution they’d be interested in purchasing.

Second, it illustrates that there is a human, approachable presence at your site. By blogging, you’re showing that someone is in fact “at home”, and that your web property is presently being maintained and updated, giving a prospective buyer more security as they weigh their options and approach a buying decision.