One of the most fun and unique ways of sending a message, invitation, or letter is by delivering it in a bottle. Historians have never been able to pinpoint when in time sending a message in a bottle actually began but what they do know it was used for centuries as a way to send information across waterways usually for the purpose of relaying political and war strategies. In the late 1500’s Queen Elizabeth the First decreed that “no unauthorized person could open a message carrying bottle” or they would face a painful death. Only her officially appointed “Uncorker” could retrieve the bottles message.

I like to believe that somewhere during this time on a lonely ocean voyage a young sailor put a love message in a bottle sealed it with a kiss and sent it off to his lover across the great blue waters. When the bottle finally reached its destination that “officially appointed Uncorker” found the bottle and delivered it to the young bride-to-be. Soon other sailors began to send messages in bottles until finally there were thousands swept up on the rocky shores 홈타이.

The Queen’s “Uncorker” was swamped with love messages to deliver as well as bottles for his Queen. Should he deliver the letters of love first or the message of war casualties the Queen was expecting? It was a cold winter’s day in February, the 14th to be exact, as he thought about the tearful women awaiting word from their far-away lovers and the bitter Queen unloved and emotionless in her cold joyless castle. He knew his life was in great jeopardy as he made the choice to deliver the love notes, but the smiles and joyful laughter he beheld as he slipped the notes into each woman’s quivering hands was worth the dread of the Queens retaliation.

With only the Queen’s bottle left to deliver, he bravely went to her castle believing he would never see the light of another day. As he entered the palace her bodyguards immediately grabbed the bottle away from him pushing him into a small anteroom to await his fate. When he heard the Queen howl with anger “how dare that stupid man bring my message last”, he knew his time was short.