Are you afraid of writing essays? Do you need help writing an opinion essay? You might be curious about the differences between an argumentative or persuasive essay and an opinion essay.

It is so simple. It’s so easy to write an argumentative essay or persuasive essay. An opinion essay doesn’t have to focus on the pros and cons. Instead, you should be focusing on the topic matter.

Your task is to express your views and support them with information. Before you can write an opinion essay that is engaging, it is important to do extensive research on the subject.

An old Croatian saying states that learning is only possible when there is suffering. The idea behind the saying is that we learn by being challenged. Learning is not about what you are already doing well. Writing essays is a painful task for many students. It doesn’t have it to be. Today’s article will focus on the opinion essay. This is a rare type of essay and often causes students great difficulty as they try to balance academic writing with the need to express their opinions in the paper. Here are ten tips that will help you write an opinion essay better so you’re ready for your next opinion paper.

  1. What is an opinion essay? Although an opinion essay is an expression of an opinion, it’s not a simple editorial where you only say what you think. You will need to provide evidence and facts to support your opinion in this type of essay. This essay is a defense of your point of view, not an explanation.
  2. Before you start writing, it is important to develop your opinion on the topic. An opinion essay will require you to have an opinion. It is important to form that opinion before you begin writing. What is your belief system? You must be able to clearly explain your position and communicate it effectively.
  3. Do your research. Although it may seem obvious, research is important before you start writing. It may be that you will find your point of view is affected by reading the opinions of others. It is not a good idea to complete an essay and then discover that facts completely contradict your views.
  4. Your opinion should not be saved for the end. Your opinion essay of five pages or five paragraphs is not going to be read by the reader until it ends. It is important that you clearly state your opinion at the beginning of your essay in the thesis statement. This will ensure that the reader has a clear understanding of your viewpoint. This will ensure that the thesis is supported in every section of the essay.
  5. Start with a catchy opening. The opening line of your essay should grab attention. To draw readers in and keep them interested in learning more, you should start your essay with a hook. This could be a statistic or a dramatic fact. If readers don’t want to hear your opinion, they won’t read it.
  6. Your essay should not be titled with a question. One wise man once stated that if you start your essay with a question, readers will always respond “no.” This is because they will be more open to your viewpoint and points of view if the question is answered in their own words.
  7. Your strongest argument should be your first. Start your opinion essay with the most compelling reason why you believe it is true. Then, move on to the less important points. Because they aren’t convinced by the strongest argument, readers want to know it right away. Nobody likes to wait until the good stuff.
  8. Use the active voice. Writing academically can lead to passive-voice constructions. This is not as problematic for a research paper as it is with an opinion essay. You have the right to your opinion.
  9. Do not be afraid to express your emotions. An opinion essay can be emotional while a research paper is primarily focused on facts, evidence, reasoning. To show that your viewpoint is not only logically sound but also emotionally correct, tug at the reader’s heartstrings.
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These writing tips will help you to write a strong opinion essay that supports your view. Although mastering the art and craft of opinion writing can be difficult, with the right approach, and some help, you will soon be able to deliver exceptional opinion essays when your professor assigns one.