Q: What batteries do hearing aids take?

A: There are many different types of hearing aids, all of which take different batteries. The all take the same style of batteries, the flat button style batteries. Most of the big battery manufacturers produce batteries suitable for hearing aids.

Q: How can I tell which battery my hearing aid takes?

A: There are a number of different types of hearing aid batteries. It can be difficult to find the right hearing aid battery. There is however a simple color coded system that can be used to help find the correct size of battery.

If you take the old battery out of the hearing aid there should be a small color tab on the back of the battery. You Sonus Complete can then use this color code system to buy a replacement battery.

The color coding system is arranged like this:

– Orange ¨C size 13

– Brown ¨C size 312

– Yellow ¨C size 10

– Blue ¨C size 675

Q: How often should the hearing aid battery be changed?

A: Under normal circumstances the hearing aid battery should be changed every 7-14 days, however this depends on the type of hearing aid and also the amount of time you use it.

If your batteries run out quicker than you expect it could be due to a defect with your hearing aid, it’s important to get it properly checked out.

Q: Where sells hearing aid batteries?

A: It’s very easy to find the popular hearing aid batteries in your local drugstore. If your hearing aid uses a stranger variety of battery, you can visit your local electronics store such as Radio Shack.

There are companies on the internet such as sonus.com who are able to deliver the batteries right to your door, this is perfect if you find it difficult to get out of the house.

Buying hearing aids over the internet is quite risky, however hearing aid batteries are much lower risk. For a start they are much lower cost, and also don’t need any setup.

Q: Should I invest in a battery tester?

A: It can be difficult to realize when your battery needs to be replaced, normally the only symptoms is the sound decreasing slightly. This is why it may be a good idea to purchase a battery tester, this allows you to find out whether or not the batteries are OK before having to replace them.

You can use the battery tester to find out exactly what is wrong with your hearing aid, you don’t need to replace batteries if that’s not the problem.