The issue of toupees or wigs for men is a touchy one. For all but those hairpieces that are so well made that they are impossible to detect, there’s a need on the part of all concerned to pretend they aren’t detectable. And while some well-made hairpieces are barely detectable, there is still a stigma attached to the wearing of toupees.

The problem is partly that in the past, these pieces almost always appeared unnatural and thus conjured up comical images, and lead to a plethora of nicknames. Bad toupees were labeled everything from rugs to squirrels. The worst were those really cheap ones that sat unnaturally on the wearer’s head. Often neither color nor texture matched the rest of the head. One sometimes was left to wonder the level of denial gripping the person wearing one of these creations, if they couldn’t see what was plain to everyone else: that a hairless head couldn’t possibly look as off-putting as what was being worn.

But the fact that the results can be less than ideal doesn’t stop or slow the sale of hairpieces. They sell in the millions each year. Fortunately, some of the wigs available nowadays, are almost impossible to discern. Of course, the best ones are really expensive, but to the person for whom it will give the all-important illusion of real hair, it’s probably worth every penny.

Some newer hairpieces are so well made and authentic looking that only those who are told will know the truth. That’s because the methods for making toupees and wigs for men have improved dramatically. And while the top of the line custom jobs are still very pricey, there are reasonably priced ones that can do the job for most of us.

When choosing replacement hair, there are some important things to consider. The first is that the first area where detection can fail you is the hairline at the front of your head. This is best toupee hair pieces for men’s thinning hair where a fake hairpiece is often “seen” by the curious onlooker or interested party. If the frontal area gives you away the naturalness of the rest of the piece is immaterial.

Also, the “scalp” part of the piece must be natural looking as well. It must match your skin color or it must be convincingly transparent so that your skin shows through. Since this is the base for attachment of the hair in your toupee, it’s an important part of the whole.

And the hair itself must be real looking and a match for your own hair in color and texture. Remember, this hairpiece is worn in addition to your own hair. If there is a discernable difference between the two, no matter how well made the piece is, it still won’t be convincing.

If you decide to take the step of wearing a piece, it’s worthwhile getting the best you can because it will probably be with you for some time. Once you’ve been wearing one for a while, it’s a really big step to give up wearing one, and live with your natural hairline. For most men, this is a bigger step than they’re willing to take. To suddenly have to explain what happened to their hair by those who were “fooled”: or to have to engage in conversation with those who feel compelled to say, “I was wondering when you were going to stop wearing that thing”; is more than most men can face.