Web masters and web site owners over years have been fighting for one simple thing: a better ranking in the Search Engine Searches! The reason is simple and clearly understood. Better the ranking, greater is the traffic to the web site and the popularity augments. The motive of the site is fulfilled and the return on investment increases. The process of getting better rankings is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. There are various methods and tools of Search Engine keyword position checker api Optimization and with the development of technology, the tools are getting better and better keeping in mind the stringent requirements of the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. This article tries to give a brief overview of the various Search Engine Optimization tools which become handy for the web masters and the Search Engine Optimization companies. The overview will contain a brief description of the tools along with their pros and cons pointing to their areas of development.


Keyword Analyzer: Goran Nagy and Chris Lee jointly developed this keyword research tools and with new updates regularly, this software has developed rapidly and has performed well in the ever-changing landscape of the World Wide Web. Basically based on Overture keyword research tool, it has the ability to analyze the extracted data from the WordTracker and Keyword Discovery. There are certain pros and cons of the Keyword Analyzer and they are:

o It has a wonderful dig tool.
o Capable of importing Keyword Discovery and WordTracker data.
o Uses terms related to Google.
o It is extremely friendly with the search engines.
o Functionality of right-click addition.
o Bonus add-on tools are provided.

o Has minor interface glitch. Clicking on the menu creates a new tab automatically.
o Unable to combine different keyword lists.
o Primarily uses the Overture data which lacks 100% accuracy
The Keyword Analyzer is best suited for PPC advertisers, AdSense publishers, Niche Miners and to some extent SEO people.

McDar Keyword Analysis Tool:

McDar Keyword Analysis Tool has come up in the forefront of Search Engine Optimization as a completely new breed of tool. It does not focus on pre-optimization analysis of the keywords but actually focuses on the post-optimization analysis of the keywords. In other words, it analyses the keywords when the page has already been optimized! And guess what? It can study the competition for a particular keyword!

Once the onpage optimization of a page for keyword or phrase is done and optimized page becomes live and searched by Google spiders, you need to enter the following information in the McDar

Keyword Analysis Tool:
o Enter the URL of the page to be optimized in the McDar Keyword Analysis Tool.
o Enter the keyword on the basis of which the web page is to be analyzed.

Once the above two steps are done, the McDar Keyword Analysis Tool analyzes the following which can be considered as the pros of the tool:
o Number of listed pages in Google.
o Total number of backlinks available to that page in Google.
o Total number of backlinks available to that page in Yahoo.
o Page rank using the ‘allinanchor’ (The entered keyword or phrase).
o The general page ranking for the web page.