How To Get A Flat Belly!

You have some post baby weight to shed, no problem. This doesn’t have to be a pain staking process. To get a flat belly you need to do a few things, so let’s dive right in and get rid of that post baby weight once and for all!!

Step 1

Lets put together a good core exercise. You can do this at home, in the gym, or wherever you like!

  • Lay on the floor and hold your legs Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews 6 inches off the ground. Then crunch your knees to your chest 15-20 times – This will work that trouble lower belly area!
  • Still lay on your back and cross your arms on your chest and do 15-20 regular crunches – This works the top of you abs!
  • Next Get into the plank position – like a push up put resting on your elbows – keep your body as flat as possible and hold this position for 30-60 seconds – This works your butt, love handles, and complete belly!

You want to do that routine 3-4 times in one workout session. Ideally doing this 4 times a week!

Step 2

Now, to get the perfect Firm Butt! This is going to be easy, and you can do this anywhere you like! So, here is your routine!

  • Hold your arm’s straight out and perform 20 squats – be sure you bend to a 90 degree angle! – This will work all of your legs and really sculpt your tush!
  • Get on all four’s and take your leg and kick up and back 20-25 times (then do other leg)- This will work the back of you legs and butt!
  • Lay on your side and lift your leg straight up as high as you can 20-25 times (then do other leg) – This will really put some definition on your butt!
  • Last, we need to do some wall sits – Get against a wall and hold a 90 degree leg bend for 30-60 seconds – This will really burn, but will get your legs lean in no time!!
  • You should not starve!
  • You should be able to learn and implement it for life!
  • You should be able to have fun while on it!
  • It should be easy to follow!