The flat belly diet, the latest celebrity diet and eating plan has now been released for sale to the general public and has polarized public opinion quite sharply with many people divided as to where they stand in relation to the diet. One of the major positives associated with the diet is that it has achieved a major departure from the old regime whereby a particular food type was chosen and then cast as the villain of the piece. No longer will the consumer have to feel guilty for enjoying the occasional snack, and no longer will the consumer have to struggle with impossible diets that are not in their best interests due to excessive demands for loyalty from the dieter. The flat belly diet has been recognized okinawa flat belly tonic albeit it grudgingly by its critics for precisely this reason.

However, there are also a significant number of critics and the numbers are steadily rising and what makes the criticisms of the flat belly diet all the more significant is not only the volume but the quality of the critics. Leading experts in nutrition and doctors from prestigious institutions such as the Mayo clinic have joined together to condemn aspects of the flat belly diet and frankly, they have not taken any prisoners nor have they pulled any punches.

It would seem that there is one particular flashpoint for the critics, and that is the claims made by the producer of the flat belly diet that the diet is the only commercially available diet that can specifically tackle and remove belly fat directly. The creator of the diet claims that is achieved thanks to the patented method which lies at the heart o the flat belly diet, the consumption of a MUFA (monounsaturated fat) at every meal.

This sounds all very well… but the truth is that this pseudo scientific claim is not supported by any hard evidence and seems to run against the grain of current awareness about the issue of removing belly fat diet directly as there is very little material to prove/disprove such claims. Despite this, the flat belly diet has won over a number of loyal acolytes from all walks of life and perhaps the greatest redeeming feature of the diet is that provides the dieter with an unprecented level of control and autonomy over their own diet. In an industry where denial is the mother of all creation… this is like manna from heaven.