Exterior lighting for home is extremely crucial especially for curb appeal, safety and security. Every time when you see a beautifully highlighted landscape garden with beautiful lighting, you dream of purchasing such home one day. Lighting adds glamour and beauty to the exterior part of your home and is also vital to tackle the crime situations which are high on the rise these days. Sufficient lighting helps in keeping the intruders and fall at bay.

Imagine whenever you invite guests in the evening, the real beauty of the garden and exterior of your home vanish in the shadow of darkness. True exterior picture gets highlighted only in the evening, and efficient exterior lighting just increases the panoramic view of your house and its landscape garden. Also, it is vital to keep the home secure at night, when the crime situation rises Security posts.

The whole elegance mainly emphasized by the design of the lighting. Moon light effect lighting is extremely much about mimicking the lighting effect of the full moon, which provides a sense of refreshing and rejuvenating feeling. It is enough for giving beautiful appearance and intense highlights. The other various techniques are used by exterior lighting designers of home such as highlight trees, focusing, up lighting, mixture of beauty with function, warm light, Orchestrate and many more countless designs.

Highlighting the trees is an old method, but still refreshes the beauty and strengthens the elegance of landscape garden. Whether you illuminate from below, or it is mounted on a tree, it still provides the perfect picture both for elegance and security. Up lighting, is a terrific way to use lighting perfectly in the garden. It needs to shine downwards and hence, a great way to showcase the magnificent landscape beauty.

Have a focus on the entry gate, which is the main gateway to the beauty. Make sure to illuminate the entry gate with best lighting so that it welcomes guests at its best. Lighting alongside the plants near the pathway looks more like a bunch of lights twinkling together and giving a direction to the house and also intensely highlights the features of pathway. There are various fixtures, which mainly designers work on such as area lights, step lights, post lights or bollards.

Although, many times, home owners prefer the rainbow color of lighting, but mainly such thing showcases the light function and looks weird, instead choose warm white lights to showcase the beauty of your landscape garden in perfect sense. Many designers prefer Orchestrate, which is a timer set specially to lit up all the exterior lighting for home, sometime before dawn. Many a times, the timer also shut down all the lighting at midnight except the security lighting.

Adding safety and security lighting is the priority before thinking towards enhancing the beauty. Especially falls near stairs and pathways are exceedingly common and; hence, it needs particular attention when planning for lighting the outdoor. For security reasons, motion detecting security lighting is essential near the garage and garden as if any other person walks in it illuminates the shadowy area.