There seems to be some confusion between how an executive MBA program differs from the traditional MBA program. The truth is that there is really little difference when it comes to the courses of the two program. The only real difference is that the Executive MBA program is designed for those people who already have a career in the business field and are looking to update their educational qualifications MBA課程.

Due to the fact that these people already have full time jobs that would be difficult to set aside while taking college classes a MBA program was designed that is more condensed than the traditional program. Those enrolling in this program have the option of taking these classes at night or on weekends in a traditional classroom setting or getting their degree online.

Students in the executive MBA program are traditionally older having worked in one of the many fields of business for an average of 10 years. This gives these students an advantage in being able to grasp many business concepts taught in their classes.

Courses in this program commonly include: management, statistics, Finance, and business marketing as well as ethical business decision making and helping students to sharpen their business skills. In this program executives and managers learn the latest methods, theories, and practices in business management and are encouraged to apply the things they have learned in real life to the new skills they are learning.