The prepper movement has become more and more mainstream over the last year or two but there are still some with odd reactions. Im sure we have all heard some of the comments about preppers like they are nuts, paranoid worry warts, and onward. There are many who don’t believe that any sort of doomsday scenario will ever occur with in their lifetime. But the doomsday or end of world scenario alone is not the only reason to do a little prepping. Prepper Supplies Checklist: A Simple Guide to Emergency  Preparedness (9780692886649): David, Nettie: Books

There are reasons which are a little more mainstream and may even make a little more sense even to those of you who don’t believe in prepping. We have listed here some reasons to have emergency supplies and stock piles like many modern day prepper would have. You may want to consider some of these reasons to prep even though you still wouldn’t consider yourself a prepper.

Natural Disasters – Most of us live in an area that can be hit by some kind of natural disaster be it a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake. This may not be a doomsday scenario but having a bit of preparedness could go a real long way to making your life easier on you and your family in this sort of situation survival food.

Unemployment/Job Loss – With the economy in the shape its in these days job security is shaky for more Americans then ever before. Having a emergency food and supplies stock could be a huge edge for keeping you and your family fed and house running if you happen to have a sudden job loss or a massive cut in hours

Evacuations – Never know when something happens in your area which causes you to make a quick evacuation from your home. Having a bug out type bag that can be grabbed quickly containing important documents and supplies can be very important. Having all your important papers and supplies organized can be a lifesaver.

Power Outages – Sudden and possibly extended power outages are something everyone has to deal with at some point. Having some emergency prepper supplies packed away can make a huge difference in keeping your family fed and as comfortable as possible.

House Fire – This could happen to any of us at any time and having a evacuation plan and a bug out type bag could be a life saver. With little to no time to get out of the home to avoid death or injury a little prepping could make the difference in saving the lives of you and your family and getting out some of your important paperwork, information, and supplies.

Mechanical Car Problems – I know not all of us travel in out of the way area’s at least on a consistent basis but if you do having a little prepping done could be very important. A breakdown can happen anywhere so having a way to communicate for help along with keeping you and your family hydrated, fed, and warm if needed until help arrives is a must. So a little prepping in this case can go a long way.

Becoming a prepper doesn’t mean you have to believe the world is going to end tomorrow or next week but simply being a little more prepared for various situations. You also don’t have to have massive stockpiles of food and supplies to be a prepper simply putting away enough to keep you and your family fed and hydrated should something unexpected happen can be enough for you. There is no set way or set of rules for being a prepper each and every one of us can be a prepper in our own way.