Remember the “Jetsons” on TV? Have you been to a World’s Fair? These two things have something in common. They projected what the future may look like. The internet which is still in its infancy has created some very exciting prospects. We may not be hovering off the streets in our own vehicles yet, but we are now seeing the movement toward consolidation of multiple functions being made available to the online community. which is one of the originators of social networking has shown us the door to the future. has moved us from text and graphics to online videos which reflect a refined look at the real world. Companies such as has consolidated the process of getting domain names, registration, web hosting, web design and allied services all in one place GoDaddy email login. Companies such as Biznik, Hi5, Squido, E Academy and Dreammatches have also expanded these business and social communities. As a result, the entrepreneur has taken advantage using these clusters of communication to network with others in search of opportunities and growth for their business.

Each of these companies has moved us further into the future. These companies do attract people not just from regional markets but from the global economy. It was once said to this author that if you do not learn on how to navigate and act on opportunities on the internet, you are going backwards faster than you are going forward.

The emergence of a new company has shown me that the evolution of the internet is a new consolidation of all the above and much more. Giblink, which stands for Global Internet Business Link, has raised the bar and broken the mold. Giblink has migrated, these clusters of communication, under one roof. It has taken various elements to become an emerging company that stands alone, like the spire of the Empire State Building in New York.

Giblink merges Business and Social Networking, Web Design and Services with a direct sales model. Let me explain, Giblink has formed a business that has consolidated the best of GoDaddy, MySpace and YouTube with a direct sales model that generates both active and passive residual income. They have created a four tier revenue model that validates, direct sales, referrals, membership activity and with company-wide profit sharing. Though this makes Giblink very attractive it also shows off some real technical advance in communications. The technical expertise to coordinate, the business and social activities reflect some sophistication in this particular business model.

They have built three separate but consolidated platforms, for lack of a better term, that integrate in a particular manner. Giblink is the business and social networking arm of the business. It offers forums, events, clubs, e video, e cards, classifieds, blogs and marketing tools with much more to come. The second arm is GibSales; this is the Domain Registration, Hosting Services, Web Design and allied products and services. They supply their members with a replicated sites, this gives the membership leverage in a market that generates billions of dollars a year. The third platform is the Gibline. This is completely in a class by itself. I describe it as a centipede that is powered by those below you. The model will allow one to earn passive residual income without sponsoring and you can increase returns through sponsoring.

If you compare MySpace Classified Ads to Giblink, there is a major difference. Though MySpace categorizes classifieds, Giblink does not. You can just use the search tool to find what you are looking for. The point of this is that having categories takes up a lot of space, but not having that restriction frees up a lot of space. This feature allows for more room for applications and communications.

Now GoDaddy and with many other domain registration services, have domain naming tools. Giblink has what I consider an improved approach. You post your keywords, and it generates 50 to 60 possible combinations that are not taken already. You just need to find a name that fits with your keywords.

The internet is amazing, for any company to be able to migrate, all these clusters of communication that is something else! Yet, this is the future. These communities are active all other the Web, to capture attention one has to have a different approach. Now I maybe a little off topic here, but, we have to remember that the Brick and Motor companies of today are outsourcing, downsizing, right sizing and in some cases completely shutting down, due to international competition. You can not ignore that while these things are happening, whatever the economic environment is, people are starting to look more and more each day for the way out of the everyday. They have held onto to the hope that someday they will be able to spend more time with their families and friends without the threat of financial ruin. I have no doubts that there will be more companies coming out like Giblink, that can offer not only the ability for someone to grow and start their own business, at the same time can network with others that are looking for more opportunity, services or somem specific skills.