Feeding a bearded dragon is one of your responsibilities as a pet owner. They will eat both animal and plant matter. It is a rule that you should not feed your reptile on anything that is bigger than the space between their eyes. If you go ahead and do that they might end up having an impaction or paralysis of the hind legs. You should also make sure he gets enough to eat. How much should you let him have? The answer is as much as the dragon is willing to eat. This should be strictly done especially when he is young and developing fast. When he is no longer chasing after those insects you have placed in his cage those are signs he is not hungry anymore. Ensuring the lizard has had enough is the key to a full healthy growth.

When you are feeding a baby, feed them appropriately sized crickets at least two to three times daily. As mentioned let them have as much as they can eat within a five to ten minute period. Additionally, you should offer them fresh greens daily, and spray them with water so as keep them fresh, as well as keeping hydrated Best Router Table Reviews. Adults on the other hand can be fed one time daily. At their adulthood you can begin to offer them living food. These includes locusts, cockroaches, meal worms, wax worms, earthworms, silkworms, butter worms, red worms and just about any other worm available.

This will be good treats for feeding a bearded dragon i.e. crickets and greens. Purchase all insects used in feeding your bearded dragon. This is because the ones you get from your backyard may be having parasites and pesticides on them. The parasites can be transferred to your lizard or can poison them. Dust the insects with a calcium supplement and a multi-vitamin supplement. When he is done eating, it is advisable that you remove any of the remainders from their enclosure.

In the diet you should have vegetables, and they are so readily available. Go for mustard greens, collard greens, dandelion greens, bok choy, kale, turnip greens, escarole and chicory. These are the best to use. Most lettuces are composed mostly of water and hold little or no nutritional value, hence, are not recommended. Since there are so many varieties of greens out there, it is better and easier to avoid any type of lettuce. Spinach is also not good as calcium binds to it making it difficult to be digested by your pet.

Once upon a time not too far away in a place called Richardson Creek there lived a family of mammals called raccoons. There was Papa Raccoon, Mama Raccoon, a baby raccoon and then there was Ralph the obese raccoon. They all lived along the edge of the creek in the hollow of an old oak tree. Their fur was a grayish brown with black markings. Everyone knew the raccoon family because their faces looked as if they were wearing a black mask. Their tails were bushy and had black rings around it. They were one of the mammals that could be easily recognized. They had lived along the creek bank for years and had not strayed too far away until Ralph was born.

Ralph was not one to stay in a single place very long. As soon as he was old enough he began to roam the countryside just to see what he could see. Living in a hollow log was very boring and the sounds of things in the distance kept drawing him from the lazy creek bank. His curiosity often got the best of him even when he was just looking for something to eat. He didn’t think twice about sticking his hand in a hole to see what was living inside. He loved to climb tall trees and sneak eggs out of bird nest. He kept the trees alive with the sounds of the birds when they saw him. He was a dangerous predator to the nest and all birds kept watch every night.

Ralph slept all day and roamed the wild all night. Nothing was safe when Ralph was awake. If it moved, he thought he could eat it.

Now Ralph was a male raccoon with a huge appetite. He ate anything and everything. His diet consisted of berries, nuts, grub worms, snakes, worms, acorns, leaves, fish, grasshoppers and bird eggs. However his very favorite thing to do was to sneak out at night and raid people’s trash cans. There were two log cabins along the river bank and Ralph loved to visit them. Most of the raccoons were very shy and would never consider going up to a person’s house. Not so with Ralph for his food was his life. His tummy had to be full at all times or he was unhappy.

“Ralph don’t you think you need to lose a few pounds. It looks like you are getting a bit chubby!” Mama raccoon said with a sigh. “If you want to be able to fight off the foxes and eagles you need to be fast on your feet.” She cautioned. She knew an over weight raccoon would not be able to escape the talons of the eagle.

“Aw Mom you just worry way too much. I’m doing just fine. A growing raccoon has to eat well and I haven’t finished growing just yet!” He smiled giving his mother a look to show he was ok.

So Ralph continued to eat and did not heed his mother’s advice. He searched for food all night long. He didn’t have anything on his mind but what he was going to eat next. His nimble fingers could pick apart all sorts of nuts and his ability to make all sorts of sounds was getting better by the day. He practiced his screams, his snarls, his deep growls and his high-pitched whines.

“I’m good!” He said as he climbed head first down one of the tallest trees. “I can swim like a fish and I can drop fall from a tree forty feet high. I’m real good.” He said proudly.

“You can never be too good. There is always someone who is a little bit better.” Mama raccoon scolded. “Your pride might be the one thing that causes us all grief.” She tucked the food she had collected under her arm and walked slowly towards the hollow log. He is so stubborn, she thought to herself thinking about how much weight he had gained in the past week.