Many people will have either purchased or been given a new mobile handset as a present over the festive period. It’s also estimated that each and every year in the UK over 3 million people upgrade to the latest mobile phone models. This is leading to millions of old phones sat around people’s home and offices simply collecting dust.

Many people may be tempted to throw their old mobile phones in the dustbin where they will be taken with the rest of their rubbish to help clog up more of Britain’s landfill sites. Landfill sites are already full of electronic waste which will take many years to break down and in the mean time will cause many problems to the environment.

The good news for consumers is that many recycling schemes are now available. Local recycling schemes allow consumers take their old electronic products including mobile phones to recycling centres where they will be disposed of in the correct manor. There are also many charity recycling schemes run by popular charities who will take old phones in return for a donation to charity. Whilst both these types of schemes will help the environment they will not help people get extra money in their pockets.

The best way to recycle old mobile phones is by using one of the many online mobile recycling sites. Not only will these sites recycle old mobile phones correctly, many will also donate iphone 回收 some money to charity and all will pay in either cash or shopping vouchers for old mobile handsets.

Mobile recycling sites are very simple and quick too use. It’s simply a case of searching online for a suitable recycling site, once found search for the model and manufacturer of the handset that you want them to buy off you. You will be quoted a price, if you are happy, proceed through the registration process and you will receive a freepost address in which you can return your old phone in. Once your old handset has been received it will be tested by a phone engineer and full payment will be sent either by cheque or straight through the bank.

There are many mobile recycling sites for UK customers to choose from so it’s always best to check the prices on each one to ensure you are getting the best deal. Once you are happy with the price simply send in the phone and wait for your cash, by selling online you can guarantee that your old mobile will not only be recycled or reused correctly but you will be getting the most money in your pocket.