Many organisations who exhibit view custom designed and built exhibition stands as the ultimate way to attract visitors and display their products and services. You also get what you pay for, so a top class exhibition design tailored to your vision and to key in with your marketing campaign is going to require a top end budget. Of course on the other hand, if you are tight for cash and you still need a stand, then you can get by with an off the shelf modular package and print some good quality graphics to add your branding.

So far, so obvious – custom exhibition stands are big, impressive, unique, effective and costly. Modular stands built from system components do the job and are cheaper, but look just like everyone else’s and don’t have any wow factor to differentiate your business from your competitors.

But the choice of exhibition stands doesn’t have to be as obvious as that; suppose there was a way of getting the benefits and impact of a bespoke exhibition design with the economy of a modular stand? Well, the good news is that it is perfectly possible to combine the best of both and come up with a solution that delivers the impact of custom built design with the versatility and cost benefits of a modular stand. Let’s call it Custom Modular, and if you choose the correct exhibition design company, you will be surprised at what they can deliver using this concept.

Modern modular components have moved a long way from the blue or grey fabric coloured panels that fitted together to make a flat, featureless wall with posters attached and a few chairs in front. An experienced designer can take extruded aluminium, glass, perspex, tensioned fabric and wood finishes, and combine these with backlit graphics, plasma screens, specialist lighting effects and polished wood floors stands para ferias to create a modern, sexy, bright and welcoming exhibition environment that is a unique reflection of your business and your marketing. Don’t forget, we’re still talking modular components here.

Finally, the real trick is to mix the upmarket modular kit with just a few custom created components to add a truly unique feel that none of your competitors will have on their stands. What you have ended up with is an exhibition stand that is eighty percent modular and twenty percent custom, but looks truly bespoke and world class. But, and it’s a big but, the cost is considerably less and because it’s built from components it can be taken down, stored and then re-configured for your next show at half the original cost.

Even better, it can be re-sized to fit in a reduced space for those smaller trade shows without losing any impact. If you are exhibiting across different product areas, you can share the stand investment – good exhibition designers will be able to re-work the modular components and add some new graphics and branding, so you have another bespoke stand for your alternative business range using the power of your existing investment.

Custom Modular is the ultimate way forward in exhibition design. It’s cost effective, nothing gets thrown away after a show so it has top class green credentials and in the hands of the right designers it looks like a million dollars.