Email is a popular as a method of communication between people living far. But it often creates major problems if the underlying tone or syntax of the mail is misinterpreted at either end Email1and1. During email, hindrance occurs if the parties involved are in a different state of mind. Thus, even the slightest dissimilarity can create communication gap between the sender and the receiver, and things could get out of control leading to a full blown argument. It is also important to note that a message could be misunderstood by the reader due to incomplete sentences and misreading of writers’ tone.

Below I’ll be discussing about few of the most common problems that prevent your organizations associates from getting your messages, and how you can take corrective measures.

This is the top most problem that leads to communication gap. You might be consistently sending information to your donors but the email might not be read every time. And if this problem occurs on a frequent basis, your organization needs to change the mode of communication. If you want your mission to successfully reach out to people, find out the most preferable mode to get in touch with your donors.

It is absolutely possible for newsletters and emails to get into the email spam filter. These filters are designed with a view to reduce the amount of junk a person receives in the mail inbox. And to know how not to land in the spam filter you must understand how these filters identify what is spam and what not.